PandoLogic Announces The Workforce Recovery Grant

After several long grueling months to combat the spread of the coronavirus, we’ve finally reached a stage where states have begun to reopen. During these phased openings, we thought it would be beneficial to continue helping businesses that may need a boost to their workforce to meet the demands of this post-COVID work world. That’s why we established the Workforce Recovery Grant.

Our Workforce grant is open to most employers and staffing teams who are trying to hire during these difficult times. The grant will cover the cost of a recruitment advertising campaign while also delivering the most up-to-date data on the changing and dynamic talent supply and demand, the latest in cost per hire, the best sources for talent and the most effective way to campaign for the needed talent in this unprecedented job market. If you are looking for needed hires please visit our application page and submit a request. We can say with certainty that here at PandoLogic we are dedicated to supporting and serving you while you regain your footing in this difficult and often volatile job market.

Our hope is that our technology will enable you to continue your talent acquisition operations and help you respond to your hiring demands with the new data you’ll need to further succeed.

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