4 Tools You Need To Be A Millennial Magnet

Millennials and entry-level employees are some of the workforce’s most underrated assets. They command lower salaries on average, bring energy, a new perspective, and diversity to a company. Many have learned unique skills in college or through internships and as a result, are tech-savvy and innovative. They also understand the driving motivators of the Millennial and Generation Z demographics, which is especially important in industries like sales, marketing, tech, and media.

Tapping into this candidate pool is a critical component to any talent acquisition strategy. To help you ramp up your recruiting and to prepare for the upcoming holiday hiring season, we compiled our best resources to help you be a Millennial magnet. Check out the following resources for ways to attract and retain the best entry-level candidates today.

eBook: The Recruiter’s Guide to Entry-Level Recruitment

Right now, over 56 million entry-level employees are working or will begin looking for work soon. That’s the largest group in the US labor force, ever! How do you plan on tapping into this talent pool? Download this eBook and discover best practices and creative ways to attract and retain the most qualified candidates.

The Ultimate College Recruitment Checklist

Don’t get schooled this (or next) recruiting season! Get a copy of The Ultimate College Recruitment Checklist and follow our guide for gaining executive buy-in, building a robust and sustainable strategy, and leveraging technology to get the best ROI. Plus, 50 ways for you and your team to boost productivity.

Infographic: 3 Ways to Build Your Entry-Level Talent Pipeline

We get it, hiring can be hard. You reach out to top candidates regularly but still haven’t found that stand-out applicant with the fresh perspective that you’re looking for. Maybe it’s time to bring on some college students or recent graduates to help them cut their teeth in a new industry. Entry-level hires can breathe life back into an organization. And what these candidates lack in experience, they certainly make up for in charisma and willingness to learn. This energy has the potential to spread like wildfire. But where to start? Take a look at our beginner’s guide to developing an entry-level talent pipeline and share the infographic with your team today.

Infographic: 5 Things Colleges Graduates Look for in Employers

Employers want capable candidates with potential leadership skills, critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities and preferences for a collaborative work environment. That’s a tall order and HR teams work tirelessly to recruit recent college graduates that fit these expectations. But hiring isn’t just a one-way street. These same applicants are also looking at employers asking themselves, ”Is this company the best fit for me?” Check out this infographic and get the inside scoop on what college graduates and entry-level employees look for in their employers.


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