Talent Delivered: Improving Candidate Engagement with pandoSELECT

Recruiting talent has always been a struggle. Too many hiring teams are understaffed, overworked, and lack the time for complicated sourcing tools. Add in the competitive hiring landscape and talent teams not only want – but need – better solutions to manage applicant targeting, budget optimization, candidate qualification, and candidate engagement. PandoLogic’s latest innovation, pandoSELECT, helps recruiters reduce the chaos of hiring and allows them to focus on what really matters: connecting with their people. Read on to learn more about this groundbreaking recruitment solution.

The Importance of Candidate Engagement

In our years of research and observation within HR technology, we noticed a troubling trend. Out of 200 applicants, recruiters may talk to maybe 10 or 20 of them. If the position was filled, that was considered a win, and folks moved on. But 90% of applicants remained sight unseen. They were simply hiring the first fit rather than the best fit, unable to tap into all the talent in their candidate pool and engage their applicants. 

By following a largely manual process, most of a recruiter’s time was spent just managing administrative tasks. These steps were weighing down hiring teams which only underscored the limited candidate pool they were able to engage with. So, we asked ourselves, “What if we introduced AI into this process?” 

We already knew the effect AI was able to have on the front end with our flagship product, pandoIQ. So, what if we took this concept and applied it to qualifying and engaging candidates? What if there was a way to minimize the number of applicants that weren’t evaluated? What would that mean for talent teams? Simply put, it would mean that they could hire the best fit every time. 

What is pandoSELECT?

pandoSELECT leverages programmatic job advertising to deliver quality applicants to a dedicated dashboard where you can manage details and track progress in one place. It combines our programmatic job advertising platform pandoIQ with a candidate management dashboard and conversational AI (chat) for a deeper level of engagement, saving you time and energy. Gone are the days of manual job postings and drawn-out screening processes. pandoSELECT streamlines your workflows to help you source and qualify candidates more quickly and accurately, so you can focus on the more important tasks: making meaningful connections with candidates, pushing better employer branding efforts, and increasing your speed to hire.

Best-in-Class AI Solution

We know that automating the engagement stage of the process is a critical component of a strong hiring strategy. With pandoSELECT, we have created a streamlined tech stack that can efficiently target qualified candidates, reaching them where they are most active online, then engaging and evaluating them through personalized chat interactions. Our bundled solution will help solve so much of what troubles both recruiters and job seekers today. Hiring suddenly becomes less about the administrative needs and more about connecting with the people who want to bring something great to your organization.  

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