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Our mission: Hire Intelligence

We are on a mission to empower companies to intelligently source the best candidates.

What we do

Revolutionizing recruitment and strategic talent acquisition.

PandoLogic is the leading programmatic job advertising and vendor management platform. Through big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and proprietary cognitive engines, we enable companies to source quality applicants more effectively and efficiently. Our strategic talent acquisition platform fully automates and optimizes job advertising; from the early stages of job classification and targeted distribution to real-time budget allocation and dynamic bidding across diverse job categories.

“There’s a reason PandoLogic has been referred to as the best-kept secret in HR.”

– William Tincup, Recruiting Daily

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How & why we do it

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Companies spend more on job advertising than on any other area of recruitment—and while a third of companies are increasing this investment, we know that over 40% of that investment is wasted each year (Aptitude Research). Not to mention, the rapidly changing workplace has resulted in new challenges that have compounded what companies dealt with only a year ago, including increased competition for talent, increased cost per applicant, utilizing an effective tech stack that simplifies your hiring process, time to hire, and recruiting a diverse candidate pool. And often, as many employers know, the longer a job is open, the harder it is to find the right, qualified applicant—and the more expensive it gets.

What do all these challenges mean? More than ever, companies need a solution for strategic talent acquisition that doesn’t require a massive investment in time or money. Companies need a solution that saves them time and money. And that’s why we do what we do.

How does PandoLogic help? By connecting publishers, employers, job board operators, and job seekers across a shared talent network using the most advanced programmatic platform available. Between pandoIQ, our programmatic recruitment technology, and PandoExchange, our exclusive job search engine network, we’ve got you covered with a recruiting solution that helps you every step of the way. In fact, we are the only programmatic platform that continuously reviews and optimizes job performance throughout the campaign to ensure you meet your talent acquisition needs—whatever those may be.

By the numbers

125,000 employers and more than 700 digital publishers have benefited from PandoLogic’s programmatic solutions for strategic talent acquisition. You can be next to join us in the recruitment revolution.


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Who we are

PandoLogic’s leadership is made up of a team of experts with decades of experience in HR Tech—experience you benefit from when using our platform for strategic talent acquisition. And it’s this experience that lets you know you’re in the right hands.

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Our core values

You have ambitious recruitment goals and specific hiring needs—and we know you want a partner made up of the right stuff to help you meet them. That’s why the passionate professionals that make up the PandoLogic strategic talent acquisition team live up to our core values every day. We are…

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We are leaders

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We are team players

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We accomplish any task

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We are always pushing ourselves to the next level


We are a family


We act no matter the circumstances

Who we serve

PandoLogic wants to help everyone meet their hiring goals and strategically acquire talent. Whether you’re part of an internal team, external recruiting agency, or wide-reaching franchise, we’re here to help.

Some common industries we serve include:







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Join us at an event

In addition to equipping you with PandoLogic’s technology, we’re committed to giving you all the information you need to meet your recruitment goals. We are consistently on the cutting edge of recruitment and AI. Visit our Resource Center to view past and present resources and events where PandoLogic shares the latest tips, tricks, and trends in hiring. We stay up to date on the latest strategic talent acquisition trends so you can, too.

Learn more about programmatic and AI

Programmatic technology is at the core of what we do. Rather than your team trying to analyze an overwhelming amount of data and factors—and then having to quickly make a decision based on their analysis—we do it for you. We leverage AI to automatically buy, place, and optimize job ads in real-time, so your team can stop spending time on menial manual processes and get back to your human mission to hire the best talent.

The technology that powers PandoLogic may be complex, but the results you see are simple: more efficient, effective, and strategic talent acquisition powered by Intelligence.

We are PandoLogic

One vendor, One source of truth, 30% better results. Join the revolution.

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