Programmatic Advertising to Source Top Talent in the Right Place at the Right Time

Amplify your recruitment reach and target more qualified candidates with PandoLogic’s programmatic job advertising platform, pandoIQ.

Programmatic Job Advertising for Streamlined Recruitment

Our programmatic job advertising platform, pandoIQ, intelligently automates and optimizes job advertising spend through AI. Now you can source quality applicants faster, smarter, and more efficiently with PandoLogic’s proprietary AI-powered recruitment technology.

How Programmatic Job Advertising Works

Our programmatic recruitment technology pulls from almost 50 job attributes and more than 200 billion historical job performance data points to predict the optimal job advertising campaign. PandoIQ uses these data points to optimize your campaigns and your advertising budget in real time, maximizing your return on investment.

historical job performance data points to predict the optimal job advertising campaign

Advanced Intelligence, Applied with Acuity

We can predict future outcomes like no other, and convert insights into real solutions by combining the best of artificial intelligence (AI) with human intelligence. With machine-learning, our algorithms constantly evolve based on performance data and make real-time decisions to optimize campaigns to better reach your goals.

Streamline The Recruitment Process

It’s time to say goodbye to clunky, manual recruitment processes and hello to speedy recruitment software. Not only is our platform automated—meaning less time-consuming and manual to-dos for you—it is also self-learning. Our technology intelligently modifies its rules to continuously optimize campaign performance based on where the greatest need arises in order to achieve intended results.

Save on Recruitment Costs and Invest More in Your Business

pandoIQ’s programmatic recruiting technology continuously reviews and optimizes performance throughout the campaign to ensure you meet your specific recruiting needs.

With intelligently optimized campaigns, you’ll significantly improve time to hire, and spend less on trial and error of ad placements.

Combine pandoIQ with PandoLogic’s Applicant Management System

Combine pandoIQ, a best-in-class programmatic job advertising platform, with a candidate management dashboard and conversational AI (chat) for a deeper level of engagement without the heavy lifting or hassles. Check out our all-in-one AI recruitment solution, pandoSELECT.

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