3 Companies That Are Using AI Tools for Recruiting

Looking at this year’s trends, it’s clear that AI software’s use in recruiting is still on the rise. As it stands, a vast majority of the world’s economic titans use AI tools during recruiting. Some studies showed that 99% of Fortune 500 companies had AI tools somewhere within their hiring plans—and the numbers are only trending upwards. We’ll discuss 3 companies that use AI tools for recruiting—and how it contributes to their success.

L’Oréal/Starbucks Save Big With Chatbots

AI chatbots have revolutionized how AI tools are viewed and used in the workplace since their inception in 2009. For the most part, data collection and analysis was the limit of what AI tools were thought to be capable of, but chatbots were proof that they could effectively communicate information as well. In customer service departments, like Starbucks’ ordering system, a more basic version of the chatbot makes ordering food and drinks easier than ever before. The chatbot tells you when your order will be ready, as well as the cost. 

For recruitment, chatbots are used a little differently. Companies like L’Oréal use chatbot AI tools to take over communication with potential employees. Chatbots can take over a range of tasks spanning the majority of the hiring process:

  • Communicating policy information to applicants and other parties.
  • Scheduling interviews with candidates, and appointments with clients.
  • Sending out quizzes or surveys to help screen potential team members.

If implemented correctly, these chatbots can save countless hours of labor, all while fitting neatly within your organization’s budget. Bots like PandoLogic’s Wade & Wendy are available 24/7 to chat with anyone interested in what your organization has to offer, and with 40% of chats occurring during off-hours, that all-day availability will start to pay off quickly. 

Hilton Thrives With AI Interview Software

Another new development in AI tools available to the public is the option to have artificial intelligence take over the interview process, and shorten the time to hire. Interview AI tools allow you to tailor every step of the interview process. Questions are pre-programmed, removing the risk that the interviewer slips up and forgets to obtain key information that would qualify a candidate. A lack of small talk significantly shortens each interview as well—the lack of person-to-person communication may even make some candidates more comfortable!

Hilton has been using AI interview tools for the past few years in order to speed up its hiring process—and it’s paid off. Reports show that the time it takes to finalize a new hire has dropped from 43 days down to only 5, and AI tools are responsible.

Audible Succeeds With Ad Placement Software

One of the biggest challenges HR can face during recruitment is optimizing the placement of your job ads. Sub-optimal sourcing can result in a lower quality group of candidates further down the talent pipeline. It can also cause you to go significantly over budget if your outreach is too small, causing hiring to take significantly longer than it could. These problems are easily solved with AI tools programmed to place your job ads for you. Worries about meeting diversity goals, or whether or not your bandwidth can handle a certain number of ads, can be cast aside. AI tools will make sure every box is checked, and are available at a price that will keep you within budgetary constraints. 

Starting in 2019, the audiobook company Audible began work with Veritone, a pioneer in the artificial intelligence industry, in order to optimally place their advertisements across a plethora of high-traffic websites. In that fiscal year alone, Audible’s profits more than doubled. PandoLogic is proud to announce that we have been recently acquired by Veritone. Our shared vision will get your job ads where they need to be when they need to be there.

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