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Hiring top talent is about to get easier

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You know that there’s a perfect candidate out there for your job. But what happens when you have more than one role to fill? When one becomes 10 open positions—or even 100?Trying to manage and recruit for several job openings, all with a high priority, can be too much to manage manually. 

You need a hiring solution that takes the guesswork—and the legwork—out of your recruitment process. Pandologic’s talent acquisition solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make your job campaigns not only more effective but also more cost-efficient.

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Hiring solutions to source qualified candidates faster than ever

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An efficient hiring solution shouldn’t mean sacrificing candidate quality. With PandoLogic, our AI-powered hiring solution will increase the number of qualified candidates you interact with during the hiring process while decreasing the time it takes to find and hire them. In today’s online world, the job market moves fast,  so you need digital tools that help you move even faster.

PandoLogic’s talent acquisition solution replaces old and inefficient processes with intelligent and automated ones. Our programmatic job advertising platform simplifies job advertising campaigns—by making them automatic. That means no more missing out on qualified candidates because you didn’t get a listing in front of the right person at the right time.

Say hello to your intelligent hiring solution

Given the sheer number of online job boards, recruitment sites, and job advertising platforms out there, it may seem impossible to advertise your jobs effectively and efficiently without breaking a sweat. But with PandoLogic technology, our AI will do the work for you. Our proprietary algorithms use nearly 70 job attributes and over 200 billion job data points to build exactly what you need: a job advertising campaign that gets in front of the prospective employees you want.

Our hiring solution offers:

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Fully automated ad placement and management


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Efficient budget allocation strategy


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Real-time performance optimizations


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Predictive insights and online campaign analytics dashboards


When we say intelligent talent acquisition, we mean it.

Our pandoIQ technology serves your job listings across all major search recruitment sites including:

We’ll find your perfect employee fit

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It’s not magic, it’s AI. There’s no denying that quantity is important—usually, the more prospective employees that see your job listings, the better. But perhaps more important than quantity is quality. Unqualified job applicants would end up slowing your recruitment process down, not speeding you up, the exact opposite of what you want. That’s why our predictive algorithm takes more than a decade of historical data points into account—and learns as it goes. It optimizes in real-time so you can rest assured that your campaign remains effective, efficient, and always delivers high-quality job candidates.

And don’t forget: automation doesn’t just save you the stress of making sure your job listing gets where it needs to go. When job advertising is automated, it also saves you time for other things.

You tell us who you need, and we’ll help you find them. Our self-learning software is the smartest solution for finding the best candidates.

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Our Talent Hiring Solution

Drive candidate traffic up and advertising costs down

When you’re busy growing team numbers, you need a talent acquisition solution that can work for you—and without you.  Not only does PandoLogic help with budget allocation, but our algorithms dynamically bid across diverse job categories.

All this means you end up with a talent acquisition strategy to suit your budget and recruitment needs. Maximizing your ROI has never been this simple.

Get real recruiting performance in real-time

With powerful data that works for you and your team’s needs. But what makes data powerful? The ability to understand it—and to use it to find the best candidates. That’s why we’ve designed a robust analytics dashboard so you can understand how your campaign is performing and make decisions regarding your budget and goals. 

PandoLogic’s online analytics dashboard is the simple solution for keeping track of how you get in front of prospective employees—and managing your job listings until you’ve found that perfect fit.

PandoLogic has the talent acquisition solution for you

When you want to acquire the best talent, you need to know what the best talent wants. PandoLogic is here to help. For all your questions about effective employee recruiting, we have answers for you.

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