Hire for Diversity at Scale with pandoDIVERSITY

The significant impact of diverse hiring cannot be overstated

It unlocks a wealth of perspectives, experiences, and ideas that fuel innovation, creativity, and enhanced decision-making.

However, despite acknowledging the importance of diversity and inclusion, many businesses have difficulty translating their diverse hiring goals into a reality.

DE&I Success Starts with Diverse Hiring Practices

For impactful change, DE&I initiatives have to start at the top of the recruitment funnel, changing how and where candidates are sourced. At PandoLogic, we understand the hiring landscape is more competitive than ever, and it can be difficult to know how and where to attract diverse talent.

pandoDIVERSITY is the first-of-its-kind diversity sourcing solution to help DEI-focused companies accelerate their hiring efforts using programmatic job advertising. Leveraging robust hiring data and insights to guide your recruitment strategy, pandoDIVERSITY is a critical DE&I tool for creating impactful change.

Target Diverse Candidates with Artificial Intelligence

pandoDIVERSITY is the only diversity recruiting solution using programmatic technology and artificial intelligence to expand and optimize job placements.

Our platform distributes jobs across a network of more than 30 publishers that cater specifically to diverse job seekers. This provides employers the unique ability to reach an underrepresented pool of candidates at scale.

Elevate Your DEI Recruitment Efforts with pandoDIVERSITY

Expand Your Reach

with guaranteed exposure to diverse applicant pools

Increase Efficiency

by saving time and money with automated campaign management for your DEI needs

Understand Your ROI
with transparent insight into campaign performance
Regain More Control
over strategic recruitment plans with dedicated distribution to diverse candidates

A Job Advertising Platform Built to Source Diverse Candidates

Powered by pandoIQ, our AI-based programmatic job advertising software, pandoDIVERSITY automates and optimizes hiring campaigns geared specifically to niche diversity candidates, giving your jobs guaranteed exposure to diverse audiences.

Drive Exposure and Expand Your Talent Pool with Our Network of Diverse Publishers

pandoDIVERSITY intelligently automates and optimizes hiring campaigns geared toward diverse candidates across a network of specialized publisher sites.

Build A Culture of Diversity and Watch Your Business Grow

Diverse teams bring different perspectives, experiences, and ideas to the table, which can lead to more innovative and creative solutions. With pandoDIVERSITY, you’ll attract top candidates from diverse backgrounds and experiences, bringing invaluable perspectives to your business.

  • According to Forbes, racially diverse teams are more likely to outperform their non-diverse counterparts by 35%.
  • A McKinsey study found that ethnically diverse and gender-diverse organizations were more profitable.
  • A Gartner study reveals that in organizations with diverse workforces, employee performance improves by 12%, and employee retention increases by 20%.

Explore all the ways pandoDIVERSITY can help you attract diverse talent.