Programmatic Recruitment Advertising Guide: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Too Afraid to Ask

By now you’ve probably heard of programmatic recruitment. It’s one of the industry’s hottest topics and according to experts, it’s only going to gain steam. But what exactly is programmatic recruitment advertising and what can it do for you? To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of resources for everything you’ve wanted to know about programmatic recruitment advertising but were too afraid to ask.

Read on to learn the ins and outs of programmatic recruitment advertising, including how it works and how it will help you cut candidate sourcing time source quality candidates in a fraction of the time and cost of your current recruitment advertising strategy.

What’s programmatic recruitment advertising?

Programmatic recruitment advertising is the use of recruitment technology instead of people for buying, placing, and optimizing job ads. Basically, programmatic recruitment advertising makes sure your job ad is seen by the right candidates on the right sites at the right time. And it does this through the use of big data, targeted job ads, real-time bidding, and campaign optimization.

Programmatic, big data, A.I., and other recruitment advertising buzzwords in language we all can understand:

Programmatic recruitment eliminates the inefficient processes and unnecessary spending common to traditional recruitment advertising. So you can say goodbye to managing multiple job ad vendors, consolidating data from all types of sources, waiting for results, and spending money on sites that won’t help you hit your goal.

Programmatic will transform your recruitment strategy:

Before you wonder what happened to the human equation, rest assured that it’s still there. The difference is with this advanced approach, humans do what they do best, and let technology do what it can do best: make cost-effective and time-efficient job ad spend decisions in a fraction of a second.

How does programmatic recruitment advertising work?

Programmatic recruitment advertising makes your job easier by eliminating the inefficient processes and unnecessary spending common to employers with complex hiring needs. But how exactly does it work? There are four key components: big data analytics, job ad targeting, dynamic budget allocation and bidding, and campaign optimization.

Big data analytics:

Big data takes the guesswork out of recruitment advertising for all of your job openings. It offers priceless insight that’s unattainable without it, such as how, when, and where to post a job for the best results. That affects your cost-of-hire, time-to-fill, and candidate quality in a positive way.

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Job ad targeting:

Job ad targeting helps you reach the right job seekers on the right site and at the right time. Algorithms tap into historical data based on many different attributes, from job type and location to even experience and skills to create the best targeted ad campaign for every job. The job ad is then promoted on relevant sites that have historically performed well based on those factors.

Dynamic budget allocation and bidding:

Determining how to allocate your ‘finite’ recruitment advertising budget effectively across the many different types of jobs you need to fill can be a daunting task. The most effective platforms use predictive data and intelligent algorithms to automatically manage your spend and CPC rates per job and per site across all your open jobs to get the best ROI.

Campaign optimization:

Programmatic recruitment advertising is not really programmatic if it lacks ongoing campaign optimization. Campaign strategies must be monitored and adjusted accordingly if optimal performance is desired.

How can programmatic recruitment advertising benefit both employers and job seekers?

At its core, programmatic recruitment advertising manages, optimizes, and automates the job ad processes. This not only saves you time, money, and a potential headache, but it also helps improve your candidate experience.

Additional HR resources:

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