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Revolutionary talent acquisition leaders use smart tools.  PandoLogic’s AI-enabled recruiting platform only gets more intelligent the more you use it. As you bring back your workforce, the competition has never been tougher. Save yourself the pain of struggling to find talent with a recruiting platform that will help you stand out while keeping your budget in check—which is where PandoLogic comes in.

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The Solution to your Talent Acquisition Challenges

Meet pandoIQ. pandoIQ is PandoLogic’s AI-enabled talent acquisition platform. Not only is our platform automated—meaning a whole lot less time-consuming and manual to-dos for you—it is also self-learning. That means pandoIQ is the only programmatic recruiting platform that continuously reviews and optimizes performance throughout the campaign to ensure you meet your recruiting needs.

Source Great Talent, Without Blowing Your Budget

We dynamically allocate your budget so you can increase your ROI while decreasing your recruitment marketing spend. With our vast network of thousands of the top recruiting sites, you know that your job is being seen; and with our intelligent recruiting algorithms, you know that your job is getting seen by the right candidates, in the right place at the right time.

Don’t only take our word for it

There’s a reason North America’s top employers trust PandoLogic for their recruiting needs. Domino’s Pizza saw a 472% increase in applicant volume and 533% decrease in Cost per Applicant by using PandoLogic’s programmatic recruiting solution.


We’re in the news

And, HR Policy Association's Recruiting Software Initiative (RSI) Review Board has awarded Badges of Excellence to PandoLogic for Adaptability and Returns.


Enlist an AI Recruiter on Demand

Create a personalized application experience and automate task-driven recruiting processes with our proprietary conversational AI technology.

Available to chat 24/7, we give candidates the opportunity to share their stories and go beyond their resumes with relevant insights about their experience for a specific role and you get better conversion rates and greater insight into hiring the best possible candidates.

Combine the benefits of conversational AI with the power of automated job bidding with pandoSELECT. This all-in-one AI recruiting solution brings together our conversational AI and the pandoIQ platform, simplifying the recruiting process while supercharging your sourcing and boosting candidate engagement.

AI empowered recruiting is powerful recruiting—which is why top employers trust PandoLogic.

From listing your job to optimizing your campaign, creating a great application experience, or analyzing your recruiting process PandoLogic is here to help every step of the way.

Ultimate recruiting control, all in one place

We know that with every open role comes several moving pieces. From job advertising spend to moving qualified candidates through into the next stage of hiring, you have a lot to manage when you are recruiting for just one job. And when you have more than one job you’re recruiting for? Things get even more complicated and difficult to manage. That’s why we built our platform with your recruiting needs in mind. See the performance of all your jobs in one comprehensive dashboard where you can:

View real-time analytics

Keep an eye on your spend and cost per applicant

Deactivate jobs that are performing well and no longer need spend

Prioritize jobs that need an extra boost during the recruiting process

Compare actual recruiting performance against our proprietary benchmarks

Pioneering programmatic recruitment since 2007

For the last 14 years, PandoLogic has connected employers and job seekers efficiently and effectively—on the largest recruitment marketing network in North America. We automatically post your job across the top recruitment sites, search engines, and relevant social media. The more data the pandoIQ platform analyzes, the better it is able to put the right jobs in front of the Campaignsright candidates. It’s a win-win for employers and job seekers.


Employers served


Campaigns Processed


Data points analyzed


Job Seekers Reached

Helping you build your business is our business

Image of person at a computer using a job advertising recruiting software
Image of person at a computer using a job advertising recruiting software

PandoLogic helps you crunch the numbers and leverage data in both a time-efficient and cost-efficient manner.

But ultimately,  we’re in the business of people. We know that your recruiting goals are not just about quantity but also about quality. It’s no use getting in front of thousands of candidates if they are underqualified or overqualified. In the past, the tricky nature of recruiting is why technology struggled to replicate the nuances of the recruiting process. But that is no longer the case. In fact, technology is now able to mitigate human biases and error so recruiting software like pandoIQ is not just replicating certain areas of the recruiting process—it’s improving them. Predictive analytics, big data and proprietary algorithms make the best decisions and budget allocations automatically.

Continuously Refine Your Strategy As Your Hiring Needs Change

We know that your recruiting needs are always changing, which is why we continuously help you refine and optimize your strategy. Think of our customer success team as your personal recruiting success team—we have the expertise to help you build a strategy where your recruiting campaigns succeed. Not only does pandoIQ save you time and money, but it also saves you brain space. That way you can focus on other priorities in your recruiting process—and get back to your human mission.
In the end, the numbers behind our proprietary recruiting algorithms and job advertising recruitment technology all add up to one thing: helping you find the right person for the right job at the right time.

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