How AI Can Boost Your Agile Recruitment Efforts

Agile recruitment started out as a way to make software development an efficient process—but it can make any process more efficient. HR teams and recruitment firms alike are implementing Agile recruitment into their hiring plans and are reaping the benefits. 

However, Agile recruitment style plans alone won’t optimize your time-to-hire and quality-of-hire metrics. Here’s how using AI recruitment software can be a great partner for an Agile recruitment strategy.

What Is Agile Recruiting?

Developed in 2001, Agile Methodology was created by software developers in an attempt to make the development process more efficient. The plan Manifesto for Agile Software Development outlined involves segmenting the development process, working on each individual step in a focused manner before moving on to the next.

Agile focused on human interaction and individuals rather than processes and desired flexibility. If changing something could improve the experience, that something would get changed. This allowed their plans to be a baseline to work off of rather than an end-all-be-all. 

For recruiters, Agile Methodology simplifies the recruitment process and aims to improve communication. The process looks something like this:

  • Define the position requirements.
  • Source candidates.
  • Prepare for and schedule interviews.
  • Select a candidate for an interview OR start from step one.
  • Interview the candidate.

With selected team members all focused on a single step, communication improves, and the time it takes to complete hires drops significantly. 

How Can AI Recruitment Software Help?

While implementing too many recruitment tools into your Agile recruitment effort has an adverse effect due to the plan’s simple nature—that doesn’t mean you should forgo them altogether. Using specific, targeted tools that help your team’s efforts can speed up your recruitment plan further, and bolster the consistency of your quality-of-hire. 

Artificial intelligence software is especially potent during agile recruitment due to the tools’ inherent flexibility. The AI learns from the input it receives from candidates, giving each of them a personalized experience. It can also be easily shifted from one priority to another while retaining the knowledge it’s gained. This works well with Agile recruitment’s tendency to shift course/change plans. 

Engage Candidates With Chatbots

AI chatbots can communicate with candidates autonomously, providing them with the information they need about your listed job, company culture, or any other related subject. When talking with an interested party, chatbots are capable of holding a real conversation at a near-human level. 

While most chatbots are limited to these informative discussions, other more advanced pieces of AI software are capable of more. Wendy of PandoLogic’s Wade & Wendy can send personalized messages, scout talent, and even schedule interviews if necessary. With agile recruitment plans, you may not use all of a chatbot’s features, but having them on hand could save you plenty of time.

Take Advantage Of AI Analytics

A sustainable pace that can be continued indefinitely, while maintaining employee satisfaction and a quality end result. This is the end goal of the Agile method. Yet, at the same time, Agile promotes changing plans to boost efficiency. Data collection is necessary to determine what changes need to be made, but data collection can take extra time. AI recruitment software allows your Agile recruitment plan to change without dropping out of the loop. 

Based on how candidates are engaged, AI software tools can recommend changes to the recruitment plan. If a problem arises such as a higher than average number of applicants dropping out of the process, the data and analytics that your AI recruitment software has collected will help you determine the cause, and change accordingly. 

Utilize Job Ad Placement Software

One of the most difficult parts of effective sourcing is choosing which job aggregates will produce the most diverse, qualified candidate pool. AI-powered job ad placement software optimizes your ad placement, taking into account what type of candidate you’re looking for — including experience, mindset, and other skills. Combined with PandoExchange, a unique job aggregate that has distribution agreements with hundreds of job boards, your options are nearly limitless.

For Agile recruitment, job ad placement software sources your active candidates quickly and efficiently. This allows your HR team to focus on sourcing passive candidates, or looking internally to select someone for reskilling or advancement. 

How PandoLogic Can Improve Agile Recruitment

If you’re looking for a way to bolster your recruitment efforts, PandoLogic’s suite of AI recruitment tools has everything you need to get started quickly and efficiently. Our flexible software will bolster your team by taking over the more menial and time-consuming tasks — preventing burnout and improving your Agile recruitment experience.

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