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What is AI Recruiting?

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AI recruiting is a rapidly evolving strategy of utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) throughout the talent acquisition process. Using AI recruiting tools and software can enhance all levels of the recruitment funnel—from screening candidates to scheduling interviews to finalizing an offer. This ultimately saves recruiters time and allows them to hire quickly and efficiently.


Why Use AI For Recruitment

Recruitment may be all about the people—but that doesn’t mean that HR professionals can’t use a little extra help from AI technology. In the past, recruitment software just wasn’t up to the variety of complex challenges faced in the talent acquisition process. Recruiting tools like applicant tracking systems have been able to automate mundane processes to help save time, but they haven’t necessarily been able to help HR teams work smarter. These tools lack the ability to adapt and provide insights that HR professionals need. Simply put, these tools aren’t intelligent. They can’t learn in the way that AI software can. So while automated software is good, intelligent software is even better.

Image of the AI software dashboard, pandoIQ
of execs believe AI can make recruiting more efficient

AI recruiting tools don’t just improve traffic to job postings, AI Algorithms can also help identify and automatically target more relevant candidates who are the closest fit.

Companies that leverage programmatic job advertising are nearly three times more likely to improve quality of hire compared to companies using traditional advertising. Abilities like these are making AI recruiting software attractive to HR professionals. In fact, that optimism is catching on outside of just the recruitment team themselves: 80% of executives believe that AI for recruitment can help make their hiring process more efficient.

The answer to why HR professionals should use AI for recruitment is, in the end, a simple one.

Every recruitment process is complex by nature of the variety of stages involved in finding the right person for the right job. AI recruitment tools don’t just help with a single stage in the recruitment process—it can help with all of them. Learn more about how PandoLogic’s recruitment technology can help automate your recruitment process.

How AI Recruiting Can Help HR Professionals

In today’s fast-paced and always-online world, HR professionals face plenty of challenges. One of the biggest? Finding the top talent to hire. Hiring a candidate who is underqualified could prove catastrophic for the team’s productivity—but hiring a candidate who is overqualified could be just as much of a problem. Hiring the right candidates at the right time has always been a challenge. In the past, it was worsened by necessary but inefficient manual tasks. And though we live in a world often driven by data, HR professionals haven’t always had access to the data they need to make informed decisions. All this means that according to research conducted by LinkedIn, 46% of recruiters and hiring managers have identified ”finding the right candidate” as the biggest hurdle in hiring today.

AI recruiting helps target pain points in the process to help HR professionals overcome this challenge.

Boost Candidate Engagement

Improving the candidate experience can go a long way in bringing on top talent. AI can help speed up the hiring process and keep candidates engaged throughout. One great tool for this is conversational AI. Utilizing AI chatbots can provide candidates with an opportunity to engage and build a connection with an organization outside of the time spent speaking with recruiters or hiring managers. With pandoSELECT, you get the benefits of conversational AI bundled with the bidding and placement power of pandoIQ in an all-in-one AI recruitment solution.

Reduce Hiring Bias

Even the best recruiters and HR professionals have some biases—even if they are unconscious. These biases can creep into the hiring process and potentially lead to missed opportunities. AI recruitment tools help to significantly reduce bias in hiring, ensuring a fair and inclusive process.

Speed Up the Hiring Process

When it comes to top talent, speed is critical. Moving candidates through the hiring process quickly reduces the risk of losing top talent to competition. AI recruiting speeds up the hiring process overall, reducing time-to-hire and helping secure the best candidates.


of recruiters and hiring managers have identified “finding the right candidate” as the biggest hurdle in hiring today.

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How AI Recruiting Can Optimize Talent Acquisition

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It’s clear that HR professionals have their fair share of challenges. So the question is, what can they do about it? That’s when it’s time to turn to new technologies like automation and AI software. Luckily for modern recruiters, there now are solutions that can use data, predict analytics, and wield AI to give you the results you need. Maximum recruiting output—with minimal input from you. PandoLogic’s automated employer solutions can help improve every step of your recruitment process (and we know it can be complex!): job advertising, resume screening, applicant engagement, scheduling, and even recruiting by text.

When these AI and automated tools were brand new, there was some hesitation about their use in recruiting. This was, reasonably, due to limitations and biases inherent in recruiting with automated processes that are hyper-responsive to market data, complex metrics, and even budget constraints. But as AI has improved, so too has our ability to employ it effectively, efficiently, and without bias. At the end of the day, AI software exists to help with the fundamental HR challenge: hiring the right person for the right job.

Teach Me More About AI for Recruitment

Every recruitment strategy has different needs. To help you better understand the role AI recruitment can play in your own recruiting process, take a look at our resources below from our HR recruiting resource center. No matter your needs, AI software can lead to more effective candidate sourcing, screening, hiring, and even retention.

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