Delivering A Personalized Recruiting Experience With AI Chatbots

We may be relying on technology more than ever before—but that doesn’t mean that the recruiting experience should be any less personal. In fact, you’ll find that the top candidates crave a personal recruiting experience, and that can make or break their decision to accept an offer or continue on in the process. That’s why when you consider what technology to use, you should consider what will support a personalized recruiting experience—and AI chatbots can do just that. 

What Is An AI Chatbot?

Before we dive into how an AI-driven chatbot can support a personalized experience, let’s take a quick look at what an AI chatbot is. 

Artificial intelligence, or AI, enables computers to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intervention (things like making complex decisions, solving problems, and learning) through processing huge amounts of data. A smart bot uses AI to converse with people. In the recruiting field, these people are your candidates. 

What Can An AI Chatbot Do For You?

One of the most powerful capabilities of an AI chatbot is its ability to deliver candidates with a personalized experience from the very start of the recruiting process. The bot does this by being available to converse with talent 24/7, as well as acting as the first touchpoint with a candidate. (With workforces continuing to remain distributed across time zones and locations, you can’t underestimate the importance of being available.) The most robust bots can also go beyond a candidate’s resume and give them an opportunity to share relevant stories and insights. 

Long gone are the days of stilted-sounding AI chatbots. Now technology like Wade & Wendy exists. Wade & Wendy built a proprietary dialogue management system. It is integrated with their recruitment process automation workflow and powered by a robust knowledge graph consisting of conversational utterances, linguistic logic, and attributes of people, companies, and work. What does that mean? Conversations that sound real. Wade & Wendy also does more than chat in real-time. It also writes emails and generates personalized messages to each candidate, intelligently managing outreach campaigns to improve conversions.

A large part of personalization is ensuring the candidate feels engaged and respected, as well as giving them a way to easily communicate with your organization. A bot checks all those boxes. Plus, as your organization continues to grow, an AI chatbot will grow with you, delivering personalized recruiting experiences at scale. 

In addition to delivering candidates with a personalized experience, AI chatbots can help: 

  • Parse the job description to produce a role-specific chat 
  • Inform and screen your talent pool
  • Build a talent pipeline of qualified candidates

What does all this add up to? A radically improved—and personalized—candidate experience. All thanks to AI. 

What Should You Look For In An AI Chatbot?

The best AI chatbots are not just powerful but also customizable. You’ll want to look for one that lets you customize settings and calibrate the topics it covers in a chat. This can help you look for specific skills and experiences based on exactly what you need. And while AI chatbots can make most decisions on their own, you may want help setting yours up—so dedicated support (like what Wade & Wendy offers) is a must. Ultimately, you’ll want an AI chatbot that supports your needs. 

Not every bot was created equal. PandoLogic is committed to being your all-in-one solution for smarter recruitment—which is why we recently acquired Wade & Wendy. Combining Wade & Wendy’s AI chatbot with PandoLogic’s programmatic recruiting software gives you the most efficient, effective, and personalized recruiting solution. 

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