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We’re PandoLogic, an AI-driven recruiting solution designed to help you hire more effectively and efficiently than ever before – thanks to proprietary cutting-edge recruitment technology. Employers looking to hire the best candidates, look no further than PandoLogic.

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Employer recruiting challenges

There’s no secret that there have long been challenges employers face when it comes to recruiting (and recruiting well), including: 

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And employers are not just facing old challenges. There’s been an increase in new challenges brought on by the side-effects of a rapidly changing workplace, including rising prices on LinkedIn and a decreasing number of candidates as many people have left the workforce.

What does all this add up to? Effectively recruiting for employers is more difficult than ever before. Finding the right employer solution for recruiting challenges is, unfortunately, no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity.

Keep reading to see how PandoLogic can be the recruiting solution that helps you overcome your challenges and meet your hiring goals.

The PandoLogic platform’s employer solution

When we say all-in-one recruiting solution, we mean it. PandoLogic is a robust platform with features and capabilities that help you take the guesswork out of common recruitment challenges, like those listed above. From where to post your job advertisement, to how much spend to put behind it, to how you might adjust future campaign strategies—we have the solutions to your recruiting challenges.

That’s a lot of what PandoLogic can do as an employer solution to recruiting. Let’s go into a little more detail on the how.

PandoLogic is the employer solution that can help:

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Target and engage the right candidates

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Maximize ROI across important metrics

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Build a pipeline for open and future roles

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Improve flexibility and free up employee time previously spent on menial to-dos

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Streamline and optimize job advertising

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Increase retention by helping you hire the right candidates

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Improve diversity sourcing

How PandoLogic works to help employers hire the right people

Posting jobs on job boards using supplemental technology is nothing new—in fact, automated technology has been around for some time. But now, industry revolutionary leaders are posting differently – they’re using fully-automated programmatic solutions to keep them three steps ahead.

pandoIQ is different from other automated recruiting solutions on the market because, in addition to helping you manage time-consuming to-dos automatically, it makes strategic decisions for you. That means no more manual management or tedious guesswork. 

pandoIQ uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to buy advertising in real-time, instead of going through human negotiations and pre-set prices. This process connects employers with the right candidates, on the right sites, at the right time, for the price. Not only does our platform leverage historical data—over 100 trillion job data points—it also takes real-time data into account.

 This powerful processing enables pandoIQ to make 7,000 micro-decisions per minute to optimize the placements and cost to attract the most qualified applicants—completely transforming your lead funnel and eliminating the manual drain. In fact, we are the only programmatic platform that continuously reviews and optimizes job ad performance throughout the campaign to ensure you meet your recruiting needs—whatever those may be.


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Get the Best Employer Solution for Your Recruiting Challenges Today

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PandoLogic is the ideal employer solution because while it frees up valuable time that you can reallocate for other strategic projects, you still get to look behind the curtain at how pandoIQ accomplishes your hiring goals. Through radical transparency, cost analysis, and robust reporting, recruiting with AI helps employers understand how they’re making decisions, they know what those decisions are costing them, and they can effortlessly report on how successful those decisions are.

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Simplify your recruiting with pandoSELECT, our all-in-one AI recruiting solution that combines the power of pandoIQ, our programmatic recruitment technology, with the benefits of conversational AI. Together with PandoExchange, our exclusive job search network, PandoLogic has you covered with an employer solution that helps every step of the way. Ready to join the recruitment revolution?

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