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It’s no secret that hiring at staffing firms or recruitment agencies can be challenging, especially with obstacles of hiring freezes, increasing advertising costs, and uncertain labor markets. But recruitment doesn’t have to be an overwhelming battle — not when you have our all-encompassing staffing solution, PandoLogic, on your side.

With the power of intelligent hiring and conversational AI, overcome hiring challenges from initial stages of talent sourcing all the way to final candidate offers.
Image of two people evaluating their AI-enabled staffing solutions

The smartest software for your recruitment agency or staffing firm: pandoIQ

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pandoIQ is a key component of PandoLogic’s all-in-one solution for staffing and recruitment agencies.

pandoIQ is our programmatic job advertising platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure that every recruitment campaign you run for your clients is both smart and powerful. Companies that leverage programmatic job advertising such as CELLA are able to see a 50% increase in ROI without increasing their budget or workload. With intelligent recruiting in hand, you can find the best fit for your clients’ needs, at the best price.

With the ever-growing number of job boards and online job posting sites, it can be hard to know just where you should be posting your clients’ job ads. And when you can’t narrow down where to post open jobs, how are you supposed to find and source qualified candidates for the wide variety of clients you service? That’s where pandoIQ’s powerful recruitment technology comes into play.

We not only fully automate the job advertising process by using AI software but we also make smart budget decisions enabling you to source applicants faster, smarter, and more efficiently. In fact, we are the only programmatic platform that continuously reviews and optimizes job ad performance throughout the campaign. By making 7,000 micro-decisions per minute to optimize placement, cost, and audience, we can completely transform your lead funnel. As we make these decisions, we give you continuous feedback and visibility so you can fully understand campaign outcomes. With pandoIQ, you can “set it and forget it” or jump in at any moment to adjust campaign strategy.

All this means that it’s easier than ever for your recruitment agency or staffing firm to speed up your talent acquisition while improving the quality of candidates you source amongst the growing challenges in the recruiting space.

Why programmatic technology is your staffing solution

The workday isn’t getting any longer—but we can help give your recruitment agents some hours back in their days. How? Through pandoIQ’s AI-powered programmatic capabilities. The more time-consuming decisions we make and menial to-dos our platform checks off, the fewer your agents have to worry about.

And it’s not just speed we can help with. PandoLogic’s all-in-one staffing solution will…

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Streamline Your Business Model

A programmatic approach to recruiting is the most cost-effective solution. Eliminate your recruitment team’s hassles and the guesswork linked to managing multiple vendors by consolidating spend into a single performance-based platform.

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Hire Faster Recover Bolder

Whether you’re recouping from losses or getting ahead of the competition, our all-in-one recruiting solution will allow you to bounce back from recruiting challenges while staying ahead of the uncertain future.

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Simplify the Applicant Sourcing Process

Eliminate inefficiencies and manual tasks, while at the same time, consolidate campaigns into a fully-automated, data-driven platform. We help your job ad campaigns run more efficiently, so your recruitment agency or staffing firm can be even more effective.

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Expand Your Reach to Diverse Talent

Reach a vast audience on our recruitment ad exchange made up of thousands of leading job sites, search engines, and social networks. Whether your staffing search is broad or niche, we can help.

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Do More with Less

Say goodbye to rules-based trial and error spending based on human input. Predictive analytics, big data, and proprietary algorithms make the best bids and budget allocations automatically. Get more applicants for your dollar and eliminate wasteful spending with AI-enabled campaign optimization.

Don’t just take our word for it

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We help you help your clients quickly—and without ever sacrificing recruitment quality. There’s a reason other recruitment partners trust PandoLogic as their staffing solution of choice to get the job done. And the more you impress your clients with your high-quality staffing abilities, the more your clients will spread the word. It’s a win for everyone. Learn how others employ our software to meet their staffing goals and needs.

“Having a partner like [PandoLogic] that can adapt to us, that can create features for us that we need for our business, is invaluable”

Image of two people reviewing staffing solutions
Image of two people evaluating staffing solutions

We’re your staffing solution and recruitment partner

You don’t need us to tell you that the recruitment industry is changing quickly. It’s fast-paced and competitive—which can be both challenging and exciting. And it’s why we’re dedicated not only to helping you meet your client’s needs but also to taking your recruitment agency or staffing firm to new levels. We consistently publish recruiting reports, articles, and helpful information with tips, tricks, and trends at our recruiting resource center.

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