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PandoLogic is at the forefront of the recruitment revolution. Outdated processes can’t keep up with today’s fast-paced recruitment industry—which is why we need to adopt modern technology that works for us and not against us.

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Why partner with us?

You’ve likely heard the phrase “better together.” There’s a reason it’s in the popular lexicon—and that’s because there is true power in partnerships. Across industries, companies can no longer afford to work in silos, especially not when technology is moving at its current clip. While competition can be a good thing, collaboration can be even better—especially when everyone benefits. Partnering with complementary innovators has never made better business sense. Become a partner to PandoLogic—and we can support each other.

Fully integrated, ready-made solution you can trust

PandoLogic is already the leading programmatic job advertising and vendor management platform in North America

fast deployment

Since our tech is already built, we can quickly and easily white label pandoIQ under your brand for rapid deployment to your customers

Focus remains on core competencies

We absorb the lift of implementing a programmatic job advertising solution for you, so you can focus on your brand’s core competencies

Annual financial incentives

Our partnerships center on joint promotional ideas — designed to drive inquires and referrals for both of us through incentive programs.

The big picture benefits of becoming a PandoLogic partner

By partnering with PandoLogic, you can give your customers all the benefits of our robust platform including:


automated decisions per minute, based on…


job ad data points

Plus the ability to find the right candidates at the right time and for the right price

We have two partnership paths.
Which is the one for you?

We know that every organization has different needs and factors they consider when choosing a partner. That’s why we offer different partnership options based on the strategic nature of your business.

You want a partner. We want to help.

Let’s see what we can do together.

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