Breaking Barriers: Overcoming the Challenges of Diverse Hiring

This article discusses the challenges faced by businesses in building a diverse and inclusive workforce, and offers practical solutions for overcoming these obstacles. The importance of diversity in the workplace is discussed and guidance on fostering an inclusive hiring environment is provided.

The Challenges of Diverse Hiring and How to Overcome Them

Diverse hiring is crucial for any company. The definition of diverse hiring is hiring based on merit and the elimination of hiring or not hiring a candidate as it relates to their age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other personal characteristics that are unrelated to the job. It involves identifying and attracting candidates based strictly on their merits.

What is a Diversity Hiring Strategy?

A diverse hiring strategy is a plan to recruit and hire individuals from a range of backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences in order to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. It often involves the following: regularly reviewing and evaluating the strategy to ensure its effectiveness.

Attract Candidates From Underrepresented Groups:

This can be accomplished by ensuring job postings use inclusive language, partnering with diverse organizations and universities, promoting diversity and inclusion in your company’s culture, providing mentorship and support programs for employees from underrepresented groups, and offering equal pay and opportunities for career advancement.

Create an Inclusive Hiring Process:

A company should review its existing hiring processes to ensure it is inclusive to all candidates. They should also create a diverse hiring committee to oversee the hiring process. In addition, they need to promote job openings in a number of different channels to reach a diverse pool of candidates.

Provide Training for Hiring Managers:

With the proper training for hiring managers, bias can be reduced and the hiring process will be more fair.

Regularly Review Hiring Practices:

This will ensure the company is continually making sure the hiring remains unbiased and fair.

The Challenges of Diverse Hiring

As with any hiring process, diverse hiring comes with its own challenges. These challenges include the following:

Overcoming Unconscious Biases:

Unconscious biases can be hard to identify making it difficult to overcome them. Factors such as age, sex, and background are just a few examples of unconscious biases that can be difficult to overcome.

Ensuring a Company is Inclusive:

Companies need to have procedures and processes in place to ensure they are inclusive.

Lack of Diversity in Candidate Pool:

This is one of the biggest challenges as the company does not have control over who applies for the position.

How to Overcome Diverse Hiring Challenges

Overcoming Unconscious Biases:

Unconscious bias can be helped through the use of artificial intelligence. AI can create job postings that are unbiased, as well as review resumes to help eliminate candidate bias.

Ensuring a Company is Inclusive:

Companies can ensure that they are inclusive by reviewing their existing hiring processes and creating a diversity committee. They can also hold events that bring together a diverse pool of candidates.

Lack of Diversity in Candidate Pool:

Companies can make sure they have a diverse candidate pool from the start of the hiring process by posting jobs that are inclusive, hiring diverse managers, and implementing programs within the company that encourage diversity.

A Better Diverse Hiring Strategy with Programmatic AI

There are a number of benefits to utilizing programmatic AI in recruitment. By using AI in the recruitment process the hiring company saves time, reduces human bias, provides valuable insights into candidates’ qualifications, and automates time-consuming tasks. Pandologic has Pando Diversity, a diverse hiring offering. Companies can improve their hiring process by using programmatic ai. AI can help to eliminate bias and create a diverse pool of candidates by using AI for the following:

Find the right candidates

The use of AI allows the employer to search for candidates who match their objectives. The person applying for the position needs to have the qualifications or a minimum number of qualifications to get through the screening process.

The use of chatbots

Chatbots have been added to a number of job-seeking websites. The chatbots answer basic candidate questions and the more advanced chatbots can even use the candidate’s responses to see if they demonstrate certain skills. In addition, the bot can provide the person hiring with a better understanding of whether a candidate fits a specific role.

The use of proficiency exams and skills testing

Proficiency exams have become the norm in today’s recruiting process. It is another way to screen candidates by providing an exam once the candidate’s resume has passed the initial screening.


This newly released system is a game changer for hiring diverse staff. It was specifically designed to help customers attract and recruit underrepresented candidates. pandoDIVERSITY provides access to a network of publishers specializing in diverse and underrepresented candidates such as women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans. Additionally, the use of AI-based programmatic recruitment technology helps to automate and optimize hiring campaigns, remove bias in recruitment and enhance data transparency.

To overcome diverse hiring challenges, companies can utilize artificial intelligence to eliminate unconscious biases and create unbiased job postings, ensure inclusivity by reviewing their existing hiring processes and forming a diversity committee, and promote diverse candidate pools by posting inclusive job advertisements, hiring diverse managers, and implementing diversity-encouraging programs within the company. Through the use of the pandoDIVERSITY solution, companies can recruit a more diverse workforce.

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