Bartlett Roofing Streamlines Costs with pandoIQ

Bartlett Roofing Case Study workers on roof

Bartlett Roofing provides full-service roofing and restoration solutions for residential and commercial property owners across multiple states in North America. Bartlett’s recruitment structure, comprising of two recruiters and one HR administrator, proved inefficient, costly and their CPA and average monthly spend were ballooning to unsustainable levels and job advertising performance failed to match rising costs. […]

Interim Healthcare Enhances Their Candidate Pipeline and Quality of Care with pandoIQ

Due to struggles stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Interim Healthcare Houston team was experiencing a severe nursing shortage. Increased turnover and burnout meant that the team needed more Licensed Practical Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses on their roster to continue successfully maintaining their care facilities. Growing more frustrated, the Interim Houston team needed a […]

I.K. Hofmann Sees Candidate Volumes Surge with pandoIQ

In the face of skyrocketing costs, diminishing ROI from their current staffing strategy, and concerns about headwinds in a volatile labor market, it was clear to the I.K. Hofmann team that they needed a new and capable vendor to help them address their needs quickly and proficiently so they turned to PandoLogic. Learn more about […]

Express Pros Saves 40 Hours a Week with pandoSELECT

Facing rising costs and eager to move past tedious manual systems, Express Scottsdale wanted to engage with a vendor who could help them streamline their recruitment operations while lowering their overall spend—and they found the perfect partner for doing so in PandoLogic. Read the full case study here.

Anatomy of a Decision: GBS Worldwide Expands Use of PandoLogic Following Early Success

Anatomy of a Decision_Case Study

After first trying other programmatic vendors, digital advertising firm GBS Worldwide deployed PandoLogic’s AI-enabled job advertising solution pandoIQ for a three-month pilot campaign to test out its capabilities. This “Anatomy of a Decision” case study, in partnership with 3Sixty Insights, chronicles GBS’s success with PandoLogic and its intent to use pandoIQ with additional clients moving […]

AI-Enabled Recruiting Helps Nomad Health End Staffing Shortages

health care workers reviewing recruitment resources

Nomad Health is a staffing company and platform committed to connecting nurses with rewarding careers in healthcare. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals across the United States turned to Nomad Health to help supplement their staff with traveling nurses. Learn more about how Nomad Health was able to address the healthcare staffing gap […]

Southern Illinois Healthcare Revolutionizes TA Strategy with Programmatic Recruitment

an image of two healthcare personnel reviewing resources

When dwindling healthcare staff and high demand for care began impacting the communities they serve, Southern Illinois Healthcare turned to PandoLogic to help with their recruitment strategy. Learn how our programmatic job advertising platform, pandoIQ, optimized their hiring strategy and allowed SIH to continue treating the people of Southern Illinois with the best care possible.

PandoIQ provides an applicant boost for Domino’s pizza franchise

Image of a pizza franchise worker found through recruiting resources

Domino’s Pizza is a leader in global pizza delivery. One challenge facing many franchisee stores is recruiting talent and maintaining a candidate pipeline. Learn how one Domino’s franchisee was able to meet their hiring goals with the help of programmatic job advertising platform, pandoIQ…