PandoLogic’s Use of AI Explained

We seek to uphold the ethical and responsible use of AI and automation during the recruitment process. With that in mind, PandoLogic has proactively made efforts to audit our AI technology and review our AI models’ current and future state applications to ensure, among other things, that we are helping to mitigate bias at the […]

Fight the fiction: the truth about programmatic

Image of a person contemplating recruiting resources

It’s clear that there’s an industry-wide disconnect and the myths surrounding programmatic make it difficult to fully grasp its capabilities. That’s why we’re here to fight the fiction! In this eBook, we cover the four most common misconceptions surrounding programmatic job advertising to help you better understand it and build a business case for your […]

The equation for talent

Image of a person reviewing a clipbook filled with HR resources

Getting your recruitment budget right is a balancing act of epic proportions. You’re pouring over past budgets, trying to apply it to present-day standards but this volatile job market means you’re left navigating this terrain alone. For years, the Equation for Talent has been a mystery until now. We’ve solved the formula for success…no calculators […]