PandoLogic’s Use of AI Explained

We seek to uphold the ethical and responsible use of AI and automation during the recruitment process. With that in mind, PandoLogic has proactively made efforts to audit our AI technology and review our AI models’ current and future state applications to ensure, among other things, that we are helping to mitigate bias at the […]

Breaking Down Assumptions to Build Up Diversity: A Collaboration with iCIMS

Breaking down the barriers to diversity hiring with recruiting resources

Talent Acquisition professionals are often met with pervasive myths regarding what is possible for diversity recruiting. PandoLogic and iCIMS have joined forces to help put these diversity hiring myths to rest. Together, we’ll outline common misconceptions surrounding diversity recruiting and how, with the help of technology, you can begin to piece together a truly engaging […]

Fight the fiction: the truth about programmatic

Image of a person contemplating recruiting resources

It’s clear that there’s an industry-wide disconnect and the myths surrounding programmatic make it difficult to fully grasp its capabilities. That’s why we’re here to fight the fiction! In this eBook, we cover the four most common misconceptions surrounding programmatic job advertising to help you better understand it and build a business case for your […]

The equation for talent

Image of a person reviewing a clipbook filled with HR resources

Getting your recruitment budget right is a balancing act of epic proportions. You’re pouring over past budgets, trying to apply it to present-day standards but this volatile job market means you’re left navigating this terrain alone. For years, the Equation for Talent has been a mystery until now. We’ve solved the formula for success…no calculators […]

Your job advertising recovery plan

Image of a person on a computer in a home office reviewing HR resources

We all know that shift happens. Thankfully, we’ve created a foolproof plan to help you recruit the very best talent even when things are out of control. Set yourself up for continued success with our latest eBook. Learn the latest tips and tricks that will help you navigate this volatile hiring landscape…

How programmatic solves seasonal staffing woes

Image of a farmer in a field picking produce targeted through HR resources

Struggling with seasonal hiring? Technology can help ease the pain for the months ahead. This eBook delves into the processes of high-volume seasonal hiring that programmatic can target and improve in an instant. Learn more about by downloading our eBook here.

Becoming an expert in programmatic recruitment

Image of a person studying their recruiting resources on a computer

Employers are always looking for new and innovative hiring solutions. One solution being Programmatic Recruitment. We curated this thorough playbook of terms associated with Programmatic Recruitment to help you understand the key words and players in the programmatic game.


Image of three people at a computer navigating their recruiting resources

As shifts in the industry lead us to more connected platforms, you’ll need to know how to identify the best tech stack for your organizational needs. In “How To Plan Your Sourcing Tech Stack” get the inside scoop on customizing your recruiting tech.


Image of a healthcare professional on a computer reviewing candidates from a recruiting resource

By 2030, there will be a shortage of as many as 61,800 healthcare specialists in emergency medicine, anesthesiology, radiology, neurology and more. Download our eBook, Why Healthcare Recruiters Desperately Need AI to prepare.


Image of a person at their desk analyzing KPIs pulled from recruiting resources

Establishing and tracking key performance indicators is one of the most important ways an organization can improve its analytics game. In this compilation of articles from our blog, we address how to improve your most important KPIs.


Image of a healthcare professional happy with their hr resources

67% of hospital executives are already facing a staffing shortage or expect one within the next 3 years. And they’re looking to talent acquisition teams to fill in the gaps. Download our eBook, “How Programmatic Recruitment Closes The Healthcare Talent Gap” to learn how.


Image of two people reviewing HR resources in a meeting

Last year, we talked about programmatic being the trendiest buzzword in recruiting. Today, we know that programmatic recruitment is a powerhouse technology. Download our latest eBook, “The Secret of Programmatic Recruitment” to learn more about how this “buzzword” can create results.


Image of a group of people discussing HR resources

Download this eBook for the inside scoop on marketing industry best practices that will help you find, attract, engage, and nurture talent.


Image of a group of people reviewing their HR resources

Programmatic recruitment is one of the industry’s most talked about buzzwords and according to experts, it’s the future of talent acquisition. Download this eBook and learn how the power of programmatic recruitment can help you source quality candidates better, faster, and for less.

The Recruiter’s Guide to Entry Level Recruitment

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43% of companies say sourcing entry-level talent is one of their biggest challenges. Get access to this ebook to beat out the competition and win over today and tomorrow’s top entry-level talent. Discover best practices and creative ways to attract and retain the most qualified candidates.

5 Steps to Writing a Top Performing Job Ad

Image of a person at their computer writing a job ad using HR resources

A good job advertisement emphasizes why an individual should apply for the job. But how do you write an ad that entices relevant job seekers to take action? Download this eBook and learn how you can write a top performing ad and attract the perfect candidates today.