Labor Market Insights Report

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Staying current on what is happening in the current labor market is key to devising and implementing a strong talent acquisition strategy for the year ahead. That’s why PandoLogic has partnered with the Center for Business and Economic Analysis (CBEA) at St. Norbert College to highlight the most important insights, metrics, and trends concerning today’s […]

The Voice of the Candidate Report: Year on Year

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Since 2020, Tracey Parsons, CEO of Parsons Strategic Consulting and architect of the employer brand and recruitment marketing movement, has carefully monitored what job seekers were publicly saying about the state of the modern-day job search.  Tracey released quarterly reports that highlighted the real and oftentimes raw emotions of candidates that expressed their feelings all […]

The Voice of the Candidate Report: Q1 2022 Findings

Voice of the Candidate Report

PandoLogic has once again partnered with Tracey Parsons to unveil the third installment and the latest findings in our Voice of the Candidate study. Together, we’re highlighting what job seekers are really thinking and saying about your hiring process. We’ll show you how to use these candidate sentiments to curate a stronger candidate experience and […]

The Power of AI in Talent Acquisition


In the latest and most comprehensive study on the impact and power of AI in Talent Acquisition, Madeline Laurano from Aptitude Research debunks common AI myths, explains how to use AI in TA today ,and discusses what to consider for the future. Download the report now to learn more.

The Head of Talent’s Guide to Modern Talent Sourcing

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In today’s volatile job market, modern challenges are still being tackled with traditional solutions. Bring your talent sourcing into the modern age by reading our latest report in partnership with UNLEASH. “The Head of Talent’s Guide to Modern Talent Sourcing” outlines everything you need to know about programmatic advertising and how it can help you […]

The state of employer brand & recruitment marketing

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We’ve partnered with to bring you The State of Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing 2021 to shed light on how companies are approaching employer brand and recruitment marketing today, what has been successful, and best practices to consider as the pandemic recedes.

The state of programmatic job advertising

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Programmatic job advertising is a powerful tool that is changing the way they hire. We’ve partnered with Aptitude Research’s Madeline Laurano to bring you the most comprehensive study on the impact and reach of Programmatic Recruitment within HR and Talent Acquisition.


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Download The State of Recruitment Marketing 2018 for a deep dive into the data and explore how you can use recruitment marketing to attract top talent and build your employer brand to achieve business success.