The Ethical Implications of Using AI in Recruitment

Artificial intelligence is changing the recruiting landscape — but automation comes with risks. Making sure you implement AI software ethically, and ensuring that it operates respectfully is an ongoing process, which is essential to reaping the many benefits AI can provide to the recruitment process. 

Organizations that properly utilize AI in recruitment are industry leaders in diversity and efficiency. A SHRM survey found that over two-thirds of organizations that use AI recruiting software claim that the automation improved time-to-hire, as well as other key metrics.

In this piece, we’ll be discussing what makes an ethical AI system. We’ll then discuss in-depth the impact of a well-crafted vs. a poorly made AI software toolbox. After we’re done, you should know exactly what to look for in your AI recruitment software — and what to avoid. 

What is Ethical AI?

An ethical AI system is one that prioritizes the safety and personhood of candidates and recruiters. The team and program take into account privacy, non-discrimination, rights as an individual, and other important factors.

AI without ethical backing can have serious consequences. The implementation of AI should always be done carefully, and with extensive knowledge of how your system functions.

Bias in Recruitment

Human bias—whether conscious or unconscious—can be crippling during the recruiting process. Sourcing, screening, interviews, and beyond can all be negatively affected by bias — and consequences can be dire. Other than just reducing diversity, proof of bias in hiring can be the catalyst for lawsuits. 

AI recruitment tech can reduce human bias to zero by proxy — no humans are involved! Using your current database, as well as stipulations put in place by the HR team, AI software will help hire top talent objectively and quickly. Quality AI software easily outpaces even seasoned recruiters, getting through resumes at multiple times the speed

However, if your AI software isn’t properly programmed or works off of a skewed database, bias could get worse instead of better. Any good screening system should ignore gender, faith, race —and any other demographic factors—completely, no matter the reason. Anything less can introduce serious ethical concerns into the hiring process.

Will AI take Recruiter Jobs?

Whenever automation finds its way into the workplace, the minds of employees turn to layoffs. If their position is taken over completely by machines, will they become a waste of company resources? We’re happy to report that this isn’t the case. While AI recruitment tools can take over menial tasks and give data-driven suggestions, AI is not a replacement for HR workers. 

The human in Human Resources is an integral part of the job. Yes, software has become more flexible, but it can’t compete with the human mind when it comes to decision-making and training. Candidates also resonate more strongly with other people rather than machines and can learn and grow more effectively when meeting face to face. A recent economic times article looked at two cases where candidates failed to make it through an automated interview. They felt that they were unable to understand what impression they were making, and received little feedback. 

Even when using automation this can be fixed, but for now, humans are more adept at tasks that require complex planning and critical big-picture analysis. AI serves to complement the strengths of seasoned HR employees by effectively completing short-form and communicative tasks. Our current ethical AI recruiting software is constantly evolving, however, and more ethical dilemmas are certain to crop up as flexibility and computing power increase.

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