Happy Global TA Day! How To Support Your TA Team

There’s a day out there for everyone. Gastroenterologists, pet parents, professional wrestlers: You name a role, there’s probably a day to honor it. And we may be a bit partial, but our favorite just happens to be Global TA Day. It’s a day to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of the dedicated professionals who make sure we have the right teams in place to accomplish our goals. Talent acquisition professionals do so many things—from candidate sourcing and management to employer brand development.

This year, with the challenges faced by virtually every organization, TA professionals are more essential than ever. We’re so proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Global TA Day, on September 2. If you’d like to join us in celebrating your favorite TA team, here are some ways you can support them a little extra this time of year.

Attend The Global TA Day Event

The easiest way to celebrate? Sign up for the Global TA Day virtual event! The Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals holds an annual event to celebrate and educate Talent Acquisition pros on what’s happening in the industry. This year, the event is all online and free to register. With 70+ speakers, 14+ hours of content to indulge in, and hundreds of fellow TA professionals to mingle with, you and your team will feel the global connection with an industry that is far reaching and versatile.

Click the link here to register for the event.

Send Something Fun To Your Team

There’s no shortage of things you can send someone to show how appreciated they are. Whether it’s traditional “we appreciate you!” flowers or something creative (and workplace appropriate, of course), a package on the doorstep is always a welcome way to say thank you—in a 2020, socially distant way, of course.

Brag About Your Team To The Company

The tricky part about being a good TA professional is that if your work is going well, it might well be happening seamlessly behind the scenes. Even though the hard work might be clear to you and others who work with your team directly, what they do (and what they accomplish) might not be well known by everyone in the organization.

A webinar or Q&A panel can educate everyone in the company about what the TA team does and how it supports the day-to-day mission of the organization. An open house (in person or virtual) gives people a chance to talk with the TA squad, ask them questions, and get to know their roles. This kind of “getting to know you” event not only shows appreciation, but also gets in some team building as well.

Spotlight TA On Social Media

TA team members are some of the biggest protectors and builders or your employer brand. They’re out there using every tool at their disposal—including social media—to make sure you look good to the best candidates. Global TA Day is an excellent opportunity to turn the spotlight around! Use your Twitter or Instagram to profile your talent acquisition artists. Shout-outs are a way to show public appreciation for team members and illustrate what they do for your organization. Be sure to use hashtags like #GlobalTADay to join the worldwide TA community.

This Global TA Day, make sure that everyone knows what you already know—that your TA team is the best in the business.

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