How AI Is Transforming The Workplace

You may have heard the joke that every company today calls itself a tech company, whether they sell software or mattresses. While this might not be the case, it is true that most modern companies take advantage of the technology that’s at their disposal. That’s why you’ll increasingly see AI in the workplace becoming part of our toolsets. Keep reading to learn how AI is transforming the workplace, from how we work to where we work. 

Perfecting Internal Processes

AI has helped a variety of teams streamline work processes. Now there are Slack bots and email plug-ins that can aid in a variety of internal comms, from helping onboard new employees to reminding current employees to complete their peer or self-assessments. These supplemental tools can help free up HR team members’ time for other important projects.

AI in the workplace can also boost the productivity of other teams. Many project management platforms now offer AI add-ons that can help with time management during tasks and even analyze the process once a project is complete to show where to optimize for the future. These are just a few of the many examples of how AI in the workplace helps increase productivity. 

Getting Deeper Into Data

In addition to teams that rely on organized project management in order to effectively do their work, AI in the workplace can also greatly help data-driven teams. That’s because the technology that powers artificial intelligence can take in and analyze numbers in ways that human teams wouldn’t be able to on their own—or at least, not for a very long time. For example, PandoLogic’s own AI-driven platform is able to analyze trillions of data points to perfect when and where to place job ads (more on how AI is transforming recruiting below).

A Helpful First Touchpoint

AI in the workplace is also helpful for interactive communication tools, like chatbots. AI-driven chatbots can serve as the first touchpoint for customers looking for help. This is a good thing for a few reasons. For one, it means that customers are immediately getting help, which can foster good brand sentiment. For another thing, chatbots that are able to interact with customers and answer them—or point them to the resources that answer their questions—mean a decrease in time-consuming tasks for your customer support team. And AI-enabled chat is not just for support—it can also serve as the first touchpoint in the hiring process. 

A Transformed Hiring Process

Speaking of hiring…AI is transforming not just the workplace but the ways in which we build out our workplaces. PandoLogic’s robust platform uses programmatic technology and artificial intelligence to build out your best recruitment strategy and campaign. pandoIQ, PandoLogic’s programmatic platform, uses historical data points and real-time performance to decide which job boards to place your job ads on and when to reallocate the budget for optimal performance. Similar to how AI can save employees time through aiding in project management, AI can drastically reduce the number of hours that recruiters spend on time-consuming tasks and menial to-dos. Plus, it can promote diversity and increase retention rates.

In many ways, it makes sense that we are ending this post at what is arguably the foundation of a successful workplace: hiring. Ultimately, AI in the workplace has a positive domino effect—from more efficient and effective hiring to more productive, satisfied, and engaged employees. 

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