PandoLogic Raises $2,000 at UNLEASH America to Support Inclusive Employment

PandoLogic combined forces with the non-profit Ability Beyond at the 2023 UNLEASH America conference on April 26-27 in Las Vegas, NV. Ability Beyond supports inclusive employment and provides employment resources for job seekers with disabilities.

This year, PandoLogic threw out the traditional conference swag like pens, notepads, and water bottles to give back to those in need. For every badge scanned, PandoLogic donated $5.00 to the non-profit, raising a total of $2,000.00 to support sourcing qualified talent, regardless of ability. Helping companies recruit, train and retain workers with disabilities is a goal shared by Ability Beyond and PandoLogic. 

PandoLogic believes in making jobs more accessible for all and at UNLEASH America the company unveiled a first-of-its-kind AI recruitment solution, pandoDIVERSITY, to reach underrepresented job candidates. The product is built on the pandoIQ programmatic solution that helps employers source talent faster by leveraging predictive algorithms, machine learning, and AI. 

pandoDIVERSITY combines the power of pandoIQ and casts a wider net to reach marginalized candidates while delivering cost-effective recruitment, allowing recruiters to ramp up DEI efforts. Additionally, the solution optimizes hiring campaigns geared to diverse candidates through a network of specialized publisher sites, allowing jobs to be seen by engaged and diverse audiences. 

It is more crucial than ever to diversify your workforce and pandoDIVERSITY is the only programmatic solution to provide diversity hiring at scale. Improve hiring efforts while delivering cost-effective recruitment and see the positive impact it can have on your business. 

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