The Hunt Forges On: The Power of Partnership

There’s something to be said about the power of the perfect pairing. Like bourbon and a good time, one enhances the other. It’s that X-factor where one plus one, is so much more than two. As a company, we believe in the power of pairings and partnership. And with that in mind, we recently hosted a virtual bourbon tasting experience, entitled, The Hunt. The event was designed to gather leaders in the Talent Acquisition space to explore the robust history and flavors of some of the finest Kentucky bourbons Buffalo Trace Distillery has to offer while opening the door to so much more.

The event provided an outlet for leaders in our industry to build new bonds, strengthen old connections, and, most importantly, create a new path forward as a powerful collective. At the outset, we encouraged participants to leave the individual positions of their companies behind and come together to elevate our industry in the new world we’re navigating. In his opening remarks Jason Putnam, SVP of Sales at PandoLogic, stated, “Recovery is easier when we do it together.” And he’s right. In this post-pandemic, ever-changing, oftentimes volatile job market, creating alliances with complementary innovators has never made better business sense.

Conceptually it is a hard concept to argue with, but in practice, it is much more difficult… especially when you consider that many of the invitees represented brands that run in the same competitive sets. But it was the wise words of Freddie Johnson, Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Famer, and Buffalo Trace Bourbon Ambassador, that truly sparked the revolutionary thinking of the group. He said we must “honor tradition [and] embrace change.” That statement gave everyone pause. After the last year, no one could deny that change has been the only constant.

As we traversed the 5-part bourbon flight, everyone, including our hosts Chad & Cheese, did their best to abide by Freddie’s direction, “to let the liquid act as a conduit to enjoy the people around you.” And what a conduit it was. So many bonds were established and strengthened as we sat together over the 45-minute tasting experience that we chose to continue bantering and bonding for another hour and a half at an after-party.

In the end, Will Stanley, CEO of Proactive Talent, noted, “PandoLogic is aligned on how you bring people together” which both encapsulated the transformative experience of the event and the power of partnership in conquering the road ahead. How bringing people and companies together allows us to create deep conversations, that drive efficiency by bringing what each of us has to the collective table and creating something wholly revolutionary and metamorphic for the clients we serve.

To our partners, today and on the horizon, we toast you, your solutions, your people, and the true power of partnership.

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