Top 10 Recruitment Thought Leaders In HR You Should Be Following

LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram are a great way to network, but there’s also a wealth of wisdom and advice out there to take in as you make your daily perusal of blogs and other media. Whether you want to listen to a podcast on your morning commute for your daily dose of HR inspiration or catch up on your newsfeed of posts and articles over lunch, these HR thought leaders are sharing thoughts on recruitment you won’t want to miss.

Are You Following…

Meghan M. Biro

Meghan Biro is the founder and CEO at Talent Culture, which features webinars, podcasts, articles, and ebooks providing insights on recruitment and talent management. She hosts the weekly podcast and Twitter chat #WorkTrends, where she interviews experts in the field about the industry’s future. Her articles appear regularly on Forbes and Huffington Post, as well as other outlets.

Twitter: @MeghanMBiro


Sharlyn Lauby

One of the most popular HR blogs, HRBartender is known for its practical advice for all things HR and workplace-related. It is run by HR thought leader Sharlyn Lauby, who is also president of the human resources consulting firm ITM Group Inc. From recruitment to social media, this HR pro provides a lot of food for thought.

Twitter: @sharlyn_lauby


Jessica Miller-Merrell

The next HR thought leader on the list is Jessica Miller-Merrell, the president and CEO of Xceptional HR. She runs the site Workology, which is a hub of several previous blogs including Blogging4Jobs and The Recruiter’s Lounge. The site also powers HRBlogger, which posts insightful content from countless other HR blogs around the web. If you’re looking to expand your blogroll, this is a great place to start.

Twitter: @blogging4jobs, @_hrblogger


Laurie Ruettimann

A former human resources professional turned writer and blogger, Laurie Ruettimann shares her insight and ideas on HR issues on her eponymous blog. This HR thought leader has had her work featured on outlets such as NPR, The New Yorker, and CNN, and her podcast, where she interviews industry experts, deals with HR issues from AI tech to leadership.

Twitter: @lruettimann


Sarah Brennan

Sarah Brennan is the founder of Accelir and specializes in HR technology. Her insights on talent and HR tech can be found on The HR Tech blog. She is also a contributor to Fistful of Talent.

Twitter: @imsosarah


Nisha Raghaven

It’s hard not to follow Nisha Raghaven—she’s all over the place discussing recruitment trends and the latest in HR. Currently a Talent Acquisition Specialist for the American Heart Association, she blogs at her website Your HR Buddy and can be found sharing insights as a co-host for the daily radio program Drive Thru HR. She also founded India HR, a site that broadcasts video interviews, discussions and webinars.

Twitter: @TheHrbuddy


Tim Sackett

Tim Sackett blogs at “The Tim Sackett Project,” which offers great posts on recruitment trends. Sackett, who gives insights in a down-to-earth voice, offers a humorous look into the profession. He is the president of HRU Technical Resources, and also contributes to the blog Fistful of Talent, among many others.

Twitter: @TimSackett


Kris Dunn

The next HR thought leader is Kris Dunn, the Chief Human Resources Officer at Kinetix, where he specializes in leadership training and recruitment marketing. His web presence includes two influential HR blogs he founded: The HR Capitalist, which prides itself on dealing with the nuts and bolts of recruitment strategy so his readers take away real tangible advice, and the blog Fistful of Talent.

Twitter: @kris_dunn


Ben Eubanks

Ben Eubanks is an HR analyst, author, and podcaster. He previously worked as the HR Manager at Pinnacle Solutions, Inc., and he currently runs the blog upstartHR, which is dedicated to sharing ideas and inspiration for HR professionals. His podcast We’re Only Human focuses on HR technology and its impact on work. While his blog deals with a broad range of HR issues, recruitment strategies and tips are a major focus.

Twitter: @beneubanks


Bill Kutik

The previous host of the podcast “The Bill Kutik Radio Show,” Kutik now broadcasts “Firing Line with Bill Kutik” on YouTube, which features interviews with leading HR experts and executives. If you’re looking to learn more about HR technology, Bill Kutik’s videos and his articles for the publication Human Resource Executive can help keep you in the loop on the latest. Whether it’s a better understanding of AI or predictions on the future of HR, Bill Kutik is a knowledgeable and active HR expert on social media.

Twitter @billkutik


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