Top 5 Talent Acquisition Articles from 2018

In 2018, finding new and creative ways to attract and recruit talent became even more of a priority for talent acquisition teams than ever before. Recruitment marketing, predictive analytics, and HR tech including AI and chat bots were at the forefront of discussions surrounding how to win the war for talent. With the fight for quality talent intensifying with today’s economy it will be exciting to see what 2019 has in store for talent acquisition.

However, before we dive into the new year, here’s a look back at the top 5 articles from PandoLogic in 2018. Hopefully they will refresh your memory on some of the hot topics from the last 12 months or maybe open your eyes to something you may have missed. Happy reading!

1. Overcoming Recruitment Challenges In 2018

The world of recruiting has undergone a major transformation in the last decade or two. Changing employment trends, social and technological advancements, evolving employee demographics, just to name a few. These factors have all contributed to the ever-evolving recruiting industry. In order to keep up with these changes, it makes sense for corporate recruiting leaders to be proactive and keep an eye on current and upcoming strategic challenges in talent acquisition and work towards implementing them.

2. These Interview Questions Really Work

Do you still spend time in interviews asking about an applicant’s strengths and past achievements? There may be a better way. Many times, candidates who look good on paper struggle with jobs that require creativity and collaboration, two skills that are more and more necessary for companies operating in this climate of startups and innovation.

3. Recruiting with AI: Winning the Race for Talent

To help better understand the role AI can play in your own talent acquisition process, we’ve created this guide to illustrate how AI recruitment can lead to more effective candidate sourcing, screening, hiring, and retention.

4. 8 Employee Engagement Stats That Will Reinvigorate Your Workforce

With employee engagement being such a buzzy phrase, you might expect widespread attention dedicated to strategic employee development and improvement. That’s not exactly what’s happening in HR talent management, but it really should be. Here are 8 stats that could help you develop a better employee engagement strategy.

5. Understanding Challenges Around Filling Entry Level Positions

Despite being one of the biggest drivers of job creation, entry-level and hourly positions are getting increasingly more difficult to fill. With all the talk about executive talent acquisition, let’s not neglect the importance of having strong early-career talent as well. Entry-level employees are useful for reducing operating costs, developing more robust talent pipelines, increasing employee productivity and engagement, producing better customer service outcomes, and reinvigorating employment brands and organizational culture with a youthful perspective and innovative ideas.

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