Building Your Automated Recruitment Process from Job Ad to New Hire

The primary component of George Jetson’s job was to sit in front of a giant machine and push a button over and over again. And looking around today’s office, as we answer emails or download information from one type of tech to another, you can see that we have invented a new kind of manual labor—a system of processes that require humans to manually engage in rote, repetitive tasks on computers. For HR, where tech can assist talent acquisition at every step of the hiring process, embracing automation means building a smarter, streamlined process. An automated recruitment process reduces these repetitive manual tasks. Instead of navigating between tech solutions and checking up on data points, HR professionals should be focused on the more fulfilling aspects of their work and engaging quality talent.

Streamline Your Tech Compatibility

The first consideration for your automated recruitment process should be systemic—every aspect of hiring, from sourcing to onboarding, can be sliced and diced into component parts with various tech solutions. But if these solutions make one step of the process easier, there may still be extra tasks gumming up the works as you transition between tech solutions. If you need to manually transfer data from one system to the next as you move through the hiring process, you’re doing the “manual labor” of getting tech to talk to each other. The ideal is harmonized tech—and the more technical term for this is “tech stack integration.” When you combine different types of tech, old and new, the newer platforms you implement should have application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow your tech pieces to communicate freely. This is particularly valuable when data from one step of the hiring process can inform another.

Embrace AI Solutions

Manual tasks are often equated with menial tasks—the mindless, repetitive pushing a button over and over again. Building an automated recruitment process should go well beyond the goal of reducing time-consuming labor. When you embrace AI solutions, you allow your smart tech to make decisions for you.

Let’s dive into the particulars of the job ad to consider just how smart this smart tech really is. Manually posting job ads to individual job sites is tedious, especially when considering that a programmatic job ad platform can automate this task. That seems like a no-brainer. But what can programmatic do when it comes to a big decision like budget allocation? If you and your team carefully keep tabs on job ad performance to adjust the budget accordingly, would it be better to check on job ad numbers weekly, daily, hourly, or every minute? If you want to make sure your job ads are effective and that you’re using campaign dollars efficiently, then checking up every minute sounds like overkill. You might not be able to detect a discernible difference from one minute to the next. This may also be true if you checked on progress and adjusted the budget hourly, another tedious task.

But just as we use a microscope to see things that are undetectable to the human eye, you need an AI solution to be able to detect subtle shifts in numbers. We notice numbers when they’ve become a problem—but AI may anticipate the problem before we ever see it coming. This is why a programmatic job ad platform like pandoIQ, which uses powerful algorithms to perform complex decision-making like budget allocation, can make your hiring process smarter. It calculates job ad performance up to the minute and can automatically adjust spending based on job ad performance numbers. Setting up the parameters like your total budget at the outset of the process is simple. Sitting back and allowing the AI tech to do its thing (like consider billions of data points) is also very simple—and a time saver in the long run.

Optimize Your Team’s Time

Speaking of time, the big picture consideration in building your ideal automated recruitment process is the ability to track your metrics and improve over time. But while analytics may sound like yet another tedious task for you to perform, the right tech will be able to produce data reports for you and incorporate and adjust to the data in real-time. Whether your goal is reducing time-to-hire, or cost per hire, or both, automation creates efficiency gains that compound.

How much time will you save over a day, a month, a year? Automation goes way beyond reducing the daily tedious tasks of your HR team. Over the long haul, it can enhance the quality of your hiring for everyone involved.

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