How Programmatic Solves Your Applicant Management Woes

In such a volatile work environment, it can be a challenge for today’s businesses just to stay viable and afloat, to lead their respective industries, and outpace the competition. That said, despite unprecedented levels of change in today’s work world, the primary goals of companies both large and small remain clear: navigate through the uncertainty, deploy a business strategy that accounts for key impact variables affecting their industries, and leverage available resources in an effort to hit target revenue milestones.

One key performance metric for businesses to achieve these goals is talent acquisition. In order for a business to thrive (especially during challenging times), it’s absolutely mission-critical that they continuously attract and engage with the best available industry talent, maintain a stable pipeline of high quality active and passive candidates for open positions, and hire the right individuals to help them meet their target performance metrics—over the short term, through the volatility, and into the future. 

An important factor impacting the field of talent acquisition right now is unemployment statistics, which have been pervasively elevated through the pandemic and are showing no clear sign of slowing down. Although this means that you have a larger and more diverse pool of potential candidates to source talent from, it also means that your team needs to work harder to handle the workload. Applicant management for a mean, lean team has proved to be a challenging task.

Although this may seem like an unavoidably daunting arrangement, there are reasons to remain optimistic—a wave of innovative technology has upended the recruitment industry in recent years, and despite the disruption it has empowered savvy talent leaders and their teams to reach new levels of productivity. In the past, increased applications for open positions would have meant a significant amount of additional human involvement to review and process the tsunami of resumes and separate the promising candidates from the rest. Today, the new tools of recruitment technology, including programmatic recruitment, predictive algorithms, machine learning, and intelligent software means that much of the tedious and time-consuming scut work of talent recruitment—including application management—can be automated, making intense upticks in applications much more manageable. This effectively turns what would have been a real roadblock years ago into a real opportunity to leverage high-volume candidate streams. By automating routine time-consuming aspects of your talent strategy process you’ll also be able to focus on other tasks while meeting your recruitment needs with minimal time and effort.

Here’s the bottom line: talent acquisition is more important to businesses now than ever before and remains an important contributor to your company’s success, especially in times of extreme uncertainty. Forward-thinking companies who are committed to weathering the volatility and leading their industries into the future are investing heavily in high-quality programmatic recruitment in an effort to find skilled candidates amidst the high-volume applicant traffic. If you choose to take advantage of the new tools of effective modern recruitment, you’ll be positioning yourself to reach new levels of success.  

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