3 Recruitment Automation Ideas to Increase Efficiency

The recruitment industry is shifting faster than many of us expected. Slow, traditional recruitment puts you at risk of missing the mark. 

Speed and efficiency are both becoming necessities in order to snag top talent—and avoid bad hires. Automation has become the recognized solution, with companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple nearly fully automating their hiring process. They aren’t using just any automation software either—these companies are using AI tools and tech to bolster their efforts.

AI recruitment technology has advanced past the generic general use AI of the past. Software is quickly taking over the recruitment sphere, and in this piece, we’ll cover exactly how you can best utilize the rising tech trends.

3 Recruitment Automation Ideas

Screening Software Removes Bias and Saves Resources

After sourcing your talent pool and receiving resumes comes one of the most monotonous tasks of the recruiting cycle—resume screening. Going through hundreds, sometimes thousands of resumes over the course of days is time-consuming, tightens bandwidth, and can often lead to mistakes. 

Manually screening resumes also opens the door to hiring bias. When scanning thousands of resumes, it’s likely human bias—including unconscious bias—will affect the selection process. If a candidate feels discriminated against, that can cause lawsuits and a loss of reputation. 

Artificial intelligence software removes the possibility of human bias while speeding up the screening process. A seasoned recruiter can screen one resume every 7 seconds, while AI can screen one per second or more. This helps create a pool of qualified candidates quickly.

Chatbots Dispense Information Efficiently

Before the advent of AI, the only way interested parties could obtain info about a company was through a call/call center. Person-to-person conversation was necessary—but it was also extremely expensive. It took multiple employees and a lot of time, and while customer service calls are still needed for complex questions, AI chatbots have started to take over the scene. 

Chatbots can hold conversations at a near-human level, and provide candidates and customers alike with accurate, consistent information. More advanced chatbots, like our own Wendy, have the ability to schedule interviews, send personal emails, and provide data-driven solutions. This helps free up valuable time that can be spent on big picture conversations, intake meetings, and other necessary parts of the hiring process that may be neglected when bandwidth is tight.

Run Your Ad Campaign With Artificial Intelligence

Creating and hosting a successful ad campaign can be hit-or-miss. Maintaining a high ROI means both capturing the public’s attention and holding it. Platforms like our own pandoIQ use programmatic formulas to fully automate your job ad campaign. This means your ads will be placed, maintained, and analyzed automatically. 

Placing ads so that they are seen by the right candidates can be a difficult process to perfect, but with pandoIQ, you don’t have to worry about wasted resources. The software will calculate where best to place your listings while taking your budget into account. When combined with our job aggregator, PandoExchange, you’ll have access to a group of specialized job boards that target experts as well. 

If after all this your ads aren’t doing as well as expected, you’ll receive recommendations on how to best improve your listings. Changes to wording, structure, or tone could help bring your ad back into the limelight. 

Automate Your Recruiting With PandoLogic

PandoLogic’s suite of AI-powered recruitment tools are built to push your organization towards maximum efficiency. Each piece of software is flexible, can be used during most of the recruitment process, and has an easy-to-navigate UI that will have you hiring top talent with just a few clicks. 

We have plenty of options that can fit within a variety of budgets—so what are you waiting for?

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