Top Traits of Great Talent Acquisition Leaders

Folks in the Talent Acquisition (TA) field, from seasoned veterans to new recruits, know that it’s a highly specialized industry that’s undergoing a rapid evolution of sorts—the result of a tsunami of technological innovation alongside a tidal wave of social, cultural, and economic forces that have hit the work world across all sectors and employment levels in recent months. And the truth is, it’s a profession that will likely witness further disruptions and upheavals in the months to come. But not all Talent Acquisition leaders are created equal.

It takes a special and capable TA professional to be able to weather the storms that hit the work world, to read the tea leaves and make accurate predictions regarding industry outlooks, to pivot accordingly as internal and external forces and seismic shifts shape and reshape their fields, and to consistently hit key performance target metrics. These are by no means easy tasks!

That said, there are several key traits that great Talent Acquisition leaders always seem to possess in abundance to help them achieve success, even during the murkiest of economic conditions and industry outlooks. Do the following characteristics describe you? If so, then you may be en route to a brilliant career as a leader in Talent Acquisition.


Job markets and industry outlooks fluctuate, both upwards and downwards. There will be boom times and lean times, eras of prosperity, and contraction—this has historically been true and will likely always be the case. In fact, the one thing Talent Acquisition leaders can count on is that conditions will rarely stay static for very long.

This rollercoaster ride can be difficult for some to handle, but what separates the average Talent Acquisition pros from the greats is the ability to remain resilient—both in the face of anticipated changes as well as unexpected events. The work world is not immune to change, like it or not, and change can come in a variety of forms—from minor blips to major disruptions—and your legacy will be based on how effectively you adjust and course correct in the face of fluctuations and develop strategies to thrive regardless.

Openness To Innovation

As previously mentioned, the work world has witnessed quantum upheavals in recent years thanks to the adoption of new technology, which has come at near breakneck speeds and has upended the way companies do business at all levels. This is especially true at present, when the overwhelming majority of business, including Talent Acquisition, is taking place remotely. Companies both large and small are relying upon available digital tools to stay productive and connected. The good news is that if you’re a TA pro who eagerly embraces new forms of technology to help you conduct business, then you have early access to a wide array of helpful tools to give you an edge on the competition.

Make no mistake, the TA industry is being driven forward by next-level AI technology including programmatic recruitment resources, predictive algorithms, machine learning, and intelligent software, which let you automate key time-consuming steps in Talent Acquisition and empower you and your team to focus on other tasks while meeting your performance targets—from wherever you’re located in the world. With record numbers of displaced workers in the job market, there’s an eager and talented pool of potential employees in your orbit.

Simply put, technology adoption will continue to separate TA pros who remain viable and successful from those who remain static and get left behind. So, if you’re curious about what current and emerging AI tools are out there for you to take advantage of, then check out sources like Pandologic, which can help you get up to speed on the leading-edge technology powering the TA evolution.

Creative Thinking

If you’re a seasoned TA veteran, then you’re undoubtedly aware that important lessons are often learned in challenging times. One important lesson that many TA pros have learned amidst the challenges of the pandemic is that new ways of thinking are often required in order to effectively tackle unforeseen issues and survive in the face of uncertainty. To state the obvious, the COVID-19 outbreak has been an unprecedented disruption for all businesses. That said, there have been clear differences in how Talent Acquisition leaders have responded to the situation and how quickly they have been able to strategize, get back up to speed, and stay productive during the pandemic—and a key factor has been their ability to think of creative ways to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Talent acquisition is no exception, and when the moment calls for it, those who remain viable and afloat, both today and into the future, embrace fresh approaches to new problems so that they can keep doing business.

In the world of Talent Acquisition, you never know when an unexpected curveball will come flying towards your business—in the form of a pandemic, aggressive competition, rapidly shifting industry conditions, or any manner of unanticipated occurrence. Those who possess the leadership traits mentioned here are best positioned to rise up to face any challenge and lead the way forward.

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