The Importance Of Integrating Your ATS With A Programmatic Recruitment Vendor

You probably already know that an ATS or applicant tracking software houses a lot of organizational data that can help you keep tabs on the information you need throughout the hiring process. For large companies with multiple branches, this type of cloud-based system offers a centralized location for this information, which can be beneficial when there are vacancies across your organization—for example, an applicant for one branch may be interested in another open vacancy elsewhere. That kind of information sharing saves time in the day-to-day processes of the HR department. In addition, it can also be a valuable talent pool source. However, ATS data on its own leaves a lot to be desired. There are many tasks an ATS is unable to do and that’s why integrating your ATS with a programmatic vendor is absolutely crucial for an effective recruiting strategy.

Keep Information Free-flowing And Openly Available

ATS’ do a lot on their own. They house information on job ad posts and job descriptions, applicant profiles, references, interview details, job offers, talent pools, and communications among the hiring team and applicants. All of this data in a cloud-based system does not get deleted. However, it often just sits there, underutilized. When you integrate your ATS system with a programmatic recruitment vendor, you can avoid the dreaded data silo, which leads to inefficiency and vital information getting hidden—simply because one part of your organization can’t access the data and apply it to a new purpose.

With the right programmatic recruitment vendor, HR professionals will be able to amplify their recruitment efforts in ways that an ATS simply would not be able to accomplish.

Build Your Future On The Hard Work Of Past Research

A programmatic recruitment platform incorporates AI-enabled technology to automate a lot of the repetitive processes of HR. works best when it has a lot of data to work with. Do you have an overwhelming amount of resumes to read? That’s simply a lot of data that the programmatic platform can score, and then assemble into a list of top-tier candidates in a fraction of the time it would take a person to do the same thing. When you combine your ATS and a programmatic recruitment platform, you are allowing programmatic to tap into your HR team’s organizational memory and into your organization’s hiring decisions, processes, and data.

Utilize programmatic as an end-to-end job advertising solution

Programmatic recruitment technology can leverage the data found in your ATS to create better future hiring processes. Because you’re incorporating an end-to-end job advertising solution, various aspects of recruitment such as sourcing, targeting and optimizing job ads will be automated. Furthermore, programmatic can search through past candidate data to find the best candidate for a new vacancy, using ATS’ as a valuable talent pool source in itself. Past top-tier applicants who didn’t make the final cut can be great future hires, and using this data as a talent pool source can save time and money by finding interested candidates from the information you already have. When your programmatic platform accesses your ATS, you can improve many areas of the hiring process by creating a data-driven strategy and letting it utilize the wealth of data you collect through it.

Most simply, someone will access ATS data when they have a precise need—like finding the specific duties of a past job description. But there is far more that can be done in this digital landscape when developing your long-term strategy. An ATS is a good source of information to keep around for reasons beyond being able to find the random stray fact you need. To try to look at the aggregate view of the data housed in your ATS can be overwhelming. To be able to look through years of past data to closely examine hiring patterns, inefficiencies in your organization’s hiring processes, your areas of greatest success, and more, it is vital to incorporate a programmatic recruitment platform that can help read, assess, and leverage this data for future hiring.

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