Why Having Your Recruitment Data In One Tool Can Streamline The Process

There’s an unspoken cost to being “datacentric” in today’s data-heavy, digital world. While having numbers to back up your assumptions is always helpful, the dark underbelly of data is something that until now wasn’t really a problem. We’re talking about data silos.

Data silos, as defined by PC Magazine, are “separate databases or files that are not part of an organization’s enterprise-wide data administration.” Meaning, separate data collection apps or tools that exist outside of your org’s main data hub. These little pockets of information exist in the vacuum of their programs and only a handful of people have access to them. Ultimately meaning, you and your team miss the bigger picture.

Having access to a lot of data is only helpful when you can access all of it, otherwise, there’s potential for gaps and missing key components. So how does this affect you? With more HR and talent acquisition personnel becoming data-savvy, you have a lot of info to sort through. But not all tools are created equal. Most of the time, all of your recruitment data isn’t available at the click of a single button. You’ll need access to different channels, different departments, and different programs to gather all the information you need to make smarter decisions. That’s a lot of time spent just compiling statistics and not a fair use of your time. Having it all in one tool can change the course of your recruitment strategy for the better. Here’s what your recruitment strategy could look like with one tool.

Effective Goal Setting

Think back to the beginning of this year, what did your goals and KPIs look like? Now compare them to today. Chances are the numbers don’t exactly match. But where did things start to take a turn? It’s time to dive into the data and find out, of course! With that inquiry and statement alone, you’ve opened up a can of worms for your team. What could have been a 10-minute dip, has now become a deep dive into separate tools and systems. With your recruitment tech in one tool, however, this scenario plays out much differently.

You can effectively track your goals, meet industry standards, and personal standards just by having everything live within the same space.


It’s impossible to predict anything. Or so you thought. With the advancement of technology moving at lightning speeds, the ability to actually predict how your jobs ads will perform isn’t just part of your science fiction daydreams at the office. The reality is that centralized recruiting tech will have the history and framework to make accurate predictions on your behalf.

With all of your information located in a single space, your accumulated data will create patterns that only technology can recognize. And only tools like pandoIQ know what to do next. Using your own data and the information pulled from other job boards, platforms like pandoIQ can predict performance based on how similar job titles perform across the internet. A decentralized process would never be able to accurately arm you with this kind of knowledge, and let you make the necessary changes to meet your goals.

Actionable Insights

All of these insights would mean nothing if you weren’t able to do something about it easily. Thankfully, we have the technology. You can predict your performance, set your goals, and make proactive decisions all without leaving your centralized tool. According to HBR, “In today’s digitized economy, the ability to use data represents a real and essential competitive advantage. To get to a future state of mature analytical competency, there’s real work to be done in integrating the data you have already.” That’s the real advantage of having all of your recruitment data collected in one place.

Now is the time to break up your data silos and utilize the information you have today.

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