PandoLogic’s Use
of AI Explained

Now more than ever, humans are using advanced technologies to help keep up with a dynamic and ever-changing labor market landscape. And as a leader in AI recruitment technology, PandoLogic has a responsibility to ensure that our use of AI is transparent, compliant, and consenting. That is why we have created an explainability statement to help inform our AI processes and guide our client base in navigating legislation like NYC’s Local Law 144, which regulates the use of “automated employment decision tools” (AEDT) in hiring.

Consistent with our parent company, Veritone Inc., we believe in the use of AI for good, and we seek to uphold the ethical and responsible use of AI and automation during the recruitment process. With that in mind, PandoLogic has proactively made efforts to audit our AI technology and review our AI models’ current and future state applications to ensure, among other things, that we are helping to mitigate bias at the top of the recruitment funnel.

Read our full explainability statement below which includes:

  • An overview of PandoLogic’s AI tech audit and results
  • How we apply our AI principles to our recruitment technology
  • Best practices for employers to consider when auditing their TA tech stack

Information contained on PandoLogic's website and set forth in this document is for general guidance only and does not constitute legal advice or a guarantee of compliance with federal, state, or local law. The data and information contained within is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to replace or serve as an employer’s audit of its own use of PandoLogic’s automated employment-decision tools. Please consult your organization's legal counsel to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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