Can YouTube Help Your Trade Association with Audience Development?

Anyone who runs a website for any kind of professional or trade association is familiar with the concept of audience development. When you create new content for your site, you are attempting to gain more web traffic while enticing your current traffic to return to your site. More traffic allows you to increase website advertising revenue and can also lead to capturing more members.

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As you look for effective methods of audience development, you have to consider putting serious time and resources into a YouTube channel. There are many video hosting websites on the Internet, but YouTube is one of the only sites that gives you a genuine opportunity to engage in audience development activities on several levels and create a continuous source of traffic.

YouTube By The Numbers

If you need some extra motivation to put time and effort into producing quality YouTube videos for your organization, then all you need to do is look at the numbers associated with YouTube. According to the YouTube website, there are one billion unique visitors to the site each month. While that may be stretching the meaning of “unique” visitors just a little, but it is hard to deny the fact that channel subscriptions on YouTube are growing at a rapid pace.

SEO Is The Key

Everything to do with audience development on the Internet involves SEO content in some way. According to, SEO keywords used in YouTube videos, video titles, video descriptions and even the links will increase traffic considerably. Once you learn how to completely optimize a video, you will be able to reach anyone who has an interest in what your organization has to offer.

Make Your Content Engaging

A video series consisting of stories that appeal to your target group can be extremely effective when it comes to audience development. You can also use a video series as a tutorial that helps current members maximize their memberships and explains the benefits of being a member to anyone who is considering joining your group. As long as your content is engaging and interesting, people will share it and expand your marketing influence.

Stick With A Schedule That People Get Used To

According to the Pando Daily website, a regular schedule that people can count on will go a long way to encouraging your existing audience to come back for future videos and make it easier for prospective members to look forward to the next installment. No matter what type of videos you produce, always stick to a regular schedule that people can rely on to make your videos more effective.

Marketing On Several Levels

Well-produced videos on YouTube with good SEO attached to them will attract visitors to your organization’s website in at least two ways. The first is when you make a specific page on your website where you can embed YouTube videos for people to watch. YouTube makes it extremely easy to embed your videos on your website and make it all look very professional.

The other way that YouTube brings you traffic is from the millions of people who do video searches on YouTube each day. YouTube is owned by Google, so that significantly increases the chances that your video will show up in a general Internet search, or in a site specific search on YouTube itself. Between your website, Google and YouTube, you will be getting plenty of good traffic for your site.

If you want to invest in a marketing plan that will generate traffic and bring in more members, then produce professional looking videos for your YouTube channel. When you utilize all of the right tools with YouTube, it can be an extremely powerful marketing tool for your organization.

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