3 Features You Need in Your Association’s Newsletter

Offering a newsletter in 2015 is one of the best ways to disseminate information, but how you go about doing so may be the key. The fact is that people largely ignore most newsletters, and the remainder of readers who haven’t blocked your newsletters often find them in the Spam folder, meaning your updates may never be seen at all. In order to reach people, the dissemination of newsletters depends on a variety of factors, but ultimately, it depends on the following:

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Quality of Content

When you put out a newsletter in today’s online society, it’s important to include quality content. Why? Because most of your readers are likely to receive newsletters from various sources each day. Your newsletter may be awesome, but the likelihood that a competitor’s newsletter may be more awesome is a serious consideration, making it all the more important for your company to differentiate itself by providing users with quality content that will keep users coming back. You’ll need to provide relevant, valuable content in each newsletter you put out in order to stay ahead. Simply including ads will not cut it, and self-promotion will wear thin very quickly. Deliver content to your clients through newsletters that is on-point, relevant, and of use in order to gain and keep subscribers.

Call to Action

One of the main things that kills a newsletter is failing to include a call or calls to action. After all, you’re writing this email and sending it in an attempt to bring in more customers by showcasing new products and services, but also by delivering new content that surrounds products and services your company offers. Are you really going to close such a newsletter by leaving things to fall flat? Include a call to action!!! You don’t have to be overt, as in, “Call now!!”, but you do need to include various reasons and means for your customers or potential customers to contact your business. Include, at least, a link that leads back to your company’s homepage. At worst, include an email ink so that potential clients can send you mail directly. Also, make sure that there are clear links that lead potential new clients and hires to your recruiting page and to the current recruiter in order to gather resumes from qualified individuals. Setting up an auto-response service is not only unethical, it’s also unfair.

Consistency is the Key

Finally, be consistent in sending out your newsletter. Too often and readers will feel overwhelmed. Sending out a newsletter less often, however, may lead to readers feeling as if your company is not organized, or worse, doesn’t care. In order to gauge where your readers stand, you might need to use a variety of metrics-gathering tools, but in the end, such an investment will help you to know when, what type, and how often to send out newsletters to various demographics in order to boost sales and increase the chance for sales in the future

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