Expert Interview with Stephen Saber on Creating Great Content

Increasing the traffic to your website doesn’t necessarily mean you have to create exorbitant amounts of unique content, says Stephen Saber of content marketing and events solutions firm Pulse Network. Instead, focus on maximizing the content you have.

“A single piece of content can be re-purposed into many different styles, types, forms and lengths to hit different audiences in different ways through different channels,” he says. “Spend as much time thinking about delivery and distribution as you do thinking about creation.”

We recently checked in with Stephen to get his take on everything from creating quality content to producing must-see video.

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How can publishers monetize their website traffic?

This is the real challenge and it depends on the audience. There is no magic bullet or one-size-fits-all solution. It takes analyzing your consumer base and understanding what they are consuming for content and where they see the value and will spend– either in time or money.

What qualities does all good online content have?

The key to good online content is make it A. entertaining B. educational and C. easily sharable. If you can accomplish all three, you have a winner. Then, look at the medium — video, eBook, text, podcast, etc. — and the length based on the consumer and the channel that the content is being consumed. Different personas and different channels will dictate that the same content be presented in different ways.

Can you share some tips on producing standout online video?

First, don’t overreach. Don’t try to be too much. Online video is all about being authentic, original and true to yourself and your brand. Second, be quick hitting. You cannot get to the point quickly enough in online video. State the value proposition, explain it, then restate it. It is so easy to click off that if you do not catch the viewer quickly you will lose them.

What are some common mistakes you notice people make with videos?

I see two main errors:

1. Trying too hard to be different and create that “hit”
2. Trying to take an offline experience and just turning it into video.

How can staging events help businesses grow their client base and influence?

Events are part of an overall strategy of offline and online content. What is interesting to see if the trend toward clients running their own events and controlling the content continues. This shift has mainly been driven by the consumer. With so much access to content these days, consumers are now looking at events as a way to understand more tangible, real-world solutions and concepts rather than the “forward thinking” or “futuristic ideas” that events were about in the past. Because of that, consumers are more open and interested in learning directly from the businesses about case studies, real life examples and actual strategies for immediate ROI and success.

What are some best practices for planning a successful event?

Think outside the box. Re-think the model and challenge the “norms.” The “typical” events are tired and stale and do not create the experience that will resonate with the audience. But at the same time, don’t go overboard and try too hard. Be authentic, but be real. Don’t preach, teach. Educate and engage with real solutions and engaging programs in formats that will drive community and conversations.

Why incorporate technology like live streaming to a conference?

Whether or not to incorporate live streaming depends on the goals of the producer of the event. If it is about generating buzz, building awareness and driving engagement, then combining the online and offline experiences into a single O-to-O experience for consumers is critical. More and more consumers are blurring the lines between channels and experiences and seeing them all as one. As well, if the intent is to extend the life of the event beyond the days of the program and to continue the dialogue, beginning that online conversation with live streaming is critical to the success.

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