How the Right Online Tools Jump Started One Company’s Local Advertising Revenue

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In Lancaster, PR, the LNP Media Group, publishers of both an online news site and a local newspaper, maintained a regular recruitment ad section which they felt could use a boost in new client revenue. Classified Advertising Manager Chris Stahl turned to RealMatch for solutions, and account manager Rebecca Jones worked closely with her on pricing questions and the bundling of print and online offerings for advertisers.

Greater Value, Higher Fees

One of the first things RealMatch was able to do for LNP was to increase the value of their online advertisements through our Total Talent Reach service. This service supercharges the reach of ads placed in the LNP recruitment section by also distributing them to major recruitment sites such as Indeed and GlassDoor.

This step alone allowed LNP to raise its online ad prices from $199 to $299. The other thing that was holding them back was that the fact that they’d been offering their online ads as an add-on option for print ads — so we helped the company merge both products into a bundle. Instead of turning advertisers off as initially feared, the response was overwhelming one of acceptance once advertisers understood the extra value they were getting for their money.

Extra Power for “Social Boost”

RealMatch’s total Talent Reach service also provided a welcome boost to “Social Boost,” a social media option upsold by LNP to its advertisers. “Social Boost” expands the visibility and range of participating recruitment ads by offering run-of-site and social media channel placement. Total Talent Reach’s distribution powers enabled LNP to build this service into a genuine, national “on-stop shop” for employers placing job recruitment ads.

The Self-service Approach

Last but certainly not least, RealMatch was able to provide LNP with a highly popular — and lucrative — automated e-commerce solution that lets employers place ads online through a convenient self-service model. The extra ease with which advertisers could now place ads created an enormous surge in business, including the return of many clients who hadn’t advertised with LNP in years.

Ad revenues
LNP’s self-service option makes it easier than ever for employers to post ads.

Results That Speak for Themselves

LNP reports that its advertisers are delighted with the changes made possible by RealMatch’s contributions — and it should go without saying that LNP is delighted that they’re delighted. Our client should also be pretty happy with the growth they’ve experienced as a result. The numbers tell the tale. For one thing, online ad revenues soared as a result of the added value and bundled services we were able to help create. “Social Boost” profits are up by $35,000 a month now that they’re powered by RealMatch. But it was the self-service offering that really blew the roof off: Income from this segment of the business went from $15,000 a year in 2013 to $10,000 a month (on average) the following year.

That’s the kind of explosive improvement that any publisher of recruitment advertising can envy. We’re sharing this success story because we want others to know that it really is doable when you have the right third-party expertise and guidance. Who knows — your company could be the next success story we get to brag about!

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