How Can You Grow Recurring Revenue?

Running a publishing website is hard work, and you can add to that hard work if you find yourself having to re-pitch your website to advertisers every year. Instead of getting to the New Year and having to start all over again, you should aim to grow recurring revenue and continuously add value for your advertisers.

Recurring revenue
Keep your revenue trending upwards by consistently retaining recurring business.

Follow Your Recurring Revenue Trends suggests keeping a close eye on all of your content activities throughout the year, and then develop ways to maximize the ones that generate consistent revenue. When you maximize your recurring revenue trends, you increase your own revenue and give advertisers a very good reason to continue to invest in your website.

For example, if you find that a certain type of content when presented in a particular way consistently draws good traffic, then start expanding on that idea to find more content that reaches more traffic. As long as you are enhancing the traffic you are already getting, then you should be able to maintain the kinds of good traffic numbers that advertisers want to see.

Show That You Can Retain Subscription Level Traffic

Advertisers love subscription level traffic because it is a captive audience that is more likely to interact with advertising. According to, you need to pay attention to your retention rate with subscription level traffic and constantly work to improve retention.

A healthy subscription rate means that your website is popular and that users are willing to either pay for extra content, or they are willing to go through the steps necessary to register for your site. Either way, a high retention rate on subscription level traffic is going to provide justification for your advertisers to stick with your site and provide you with recurring revenue.

Recurring revenue
Keep pushing your traffic upwards and you will capture recurring revenue.

Add Value That Attracts Traffic

Inc. Magazine suggests that publishing websites should continuously look for ways to add value to their site to retain advertisers. Whether that may mean developing different subscription levels or creating an entirely new way for users to benefit from your content, you need to be in a constant mode of adding value to your website to retain recurring revenue.

One way that publishing websites are adding value to retain revenue is to start utilizing video content and more graphics. Video is becoming extremely popular and the added value to your site will attract more traffic and convince your advertisers that they need to keep their advertising revenue with your website.

You earn revenue by signing up advertisers, but you sustain recurring revenue by never taking those advertisers for granted. If you want to keep your advertisers on board without having to constantly re-negotiate advertising agreements, then you need to work hard to bring value to your website and show advertisers that they will always get the best possible value by investing your business.

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