4 Advantages Print Advertising has Over Digital

You may have heard that print advertising is a dying breed, or at worst, is already dead. With the Internet now becoming an entrenched part of most personal and professional lives, this sentiment may seem correct, but the truth is, print media and advertising is still alive and well. In fact, in many ways, print advertising trumps digital advertising. If you’re confused about where to spend advertising dollars to promote your trade publication, here are four things to consider:

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Which is More Credible?

Even though the Internet is virtually everywhere these days, the truth is that most people still put more credibility in print advertising than digital. One of the biggest reasons for this is that a trade publisher that chooses to place an ad in print is more likely to be held accountable for the claims made in the ad. Across the Internet, you can’t always be sure who you’re dealing with, and a fly-by-night company can set up digital shop and start placing ads, even through major, trusted sites, within hours. A print ad signifies that your company is going to stand by its claims.

Which is More Skimmable?

Although the Internet offers a quick way to get your ad seen, you have to realize that your ad is vying for attention across not just a single page, but across a visitor’s entire experience online. Because there is so much content and advertising on the web, many users simply skim over ads, and unless yours somehow goes above and beyond, which is increasingly difficult to do these days, it will have a larger chance of being passed over compared to print media. In addition, individuals reading print media are more likely to be focused, leading to a greater chance that your ad will be given serious consideration.

Which Offers More Space?

As mentioned, Internet users are so used to seeing ads on everything from social media to news sites that they are more likely to click away without even fully viewing an ad. On the other hand, because many trade publishers fail to see the value in print media, they aren’t advertising there, giving your company the upper hand. Because you won’t need to compete against as many ads, and because space is available, often at lower rates, you can dominate by advertising new products and services through print.

Which Offers Longevity?

Finally, think about this: an ad on the Internet may be seen for a finite amount of time, especially if it is cyclical with a revolving group of ads. However, print ads are tangible, meaning they are affixed to a publication that may be held onto and/or passed around for days, weeks, months, or even years to come. As a result, a print ad has a greater chance to be seen, even long after the ad has been placed, when compared to a digital ad that has a very short shelf life.

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