The Best Online Classifieds Attract the Best Candidates. Here’s How

The responsibility for classified creation falls on the employer, not the job board owner. But you are charged with building the best community you can. Great classifieds are part of that community, so it’s in your best interest to help educate and guide employers about how to make them stand out.

There’s so much more to creating a job ad than compiling a few facts and tacking contact info at the end. People are engaged by interesting material that tells them what they want to know.

Classifieds might be small, but done well, they can pack a powerful punch. You can provide your customers with the tool they need to make them shine. And when they shine, so you do.

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Lead with an Attention Grabber

Studies have shown that the attention span of an average adult has shrunk to about 8 seconds. Statistic Brain says that’s down from 12 seconds in 2000. Further, 17 percent of Internet page views last 17 seconds or less.

With so little time, a classified ad has to work fast, straight out of the gate. Indeed’s “10 Tips for Creating Top Notch Job Content” says the first paragraph should be compelling and engaging.

Eight seconds happens in a flash, so every word should count. Clear information blended with some style makes a well-rounded opening that keeps the reader’s eyes on the page. The goal is to be clear, but also to capture the reader’s interest.

Be Precise About the Job Title

Unless the job title is specific on its own merit, A job title should let readers know at a glance what they’re looking for. As an example, “Manager” doesn’t give as clear a picture as “Retail Manager.” Likewise, “Retail Clothing Store Manager” takes it a step further.

Vague job titles are frustrating for job seekers, and they can send the wrong candidates to employers. It’s better to have a handful of eligible candidates than several that don’t fit the bill.

A job board earns at least part of its reputation for its ability to connect the right candidates with the right employees. Concise job titles of 80 characters or less help with that.

Show Some of the Company’s Values

A stark, straightforward classified ad gets the job done, but does it get the job done well? Employers shouldn’t be afraid to let classifieds show some style. Candidates can get a vibe about the company, explains Indeed, when values, industry awards, and whatever makes the company unique are given a little content space.

Ads don’t have to be cute or stylish in a way that doesn’t reflect the brand. But they way they are crafted can give insight into what working for the company would be like.

With all of that creativity flowing, ads should also be written tight. Words are precious, and so is the 8 seconds of attention. Everything counts. Indeed explains that the ideal job description length is between 700 and 2,000 characters.

Avoid Quirky Phrases and Industry Jargon

Jargon is a hotly contested topic. It can show the company is in the loop. But it can also make it harder for search engines to find the classified ad.

Whether writing the title or body of the ad, opting for industry-standard terms gives the classified a much better chance of being found.

Indeed also explains titles like “Graphic Designer” are better than “Designer III,” because a candidate outside the company may have no clue what Designer III means in the company’s structure.

Classified ads are what makes a job board hum. They’re the connector between employer and employee, so they need more attention and care than “just the facts.”

Every second counts, and so does every word of a job ad. With your guidance, employers can create better classifieds and find better candidates. And that’s when everyone wins.

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