Building Relationships Has Never Been More Vital for Newspapers and Audience Engagement

When the Internet first took over the media world, the idea of building relationships with website users thousands of miles away seemed a little crazy. After all, how could anyone expect your website to connect with someone you will probably never meet? But as time has gone by, the importance of building strong relationships has come to the forefront and the idea of connecting with an audience has become more crucial than ever.

Even Google agrees with the idea of building relationships as the search engine giant has altered its algorithms from being keyword-based, to looking for essential points of conversation in content that would be relevant to a user. These days, it is all about building relationships and your media website needs to learn how to connect with visitors if you want to sustain and build traffic.

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Compelling Stories About Personal Accomplishments Draw Readers

The Newspaper Association of America ran a story about the Dallas Morning News and its discovery that the human element is critically important for the success of its digital offering. Readers want to see real human interest content created by people who understand the human side of technology. For example, an instructor for the blind writing blog posts about making businesses more accessible to people with special needs draws a significant amount of traffic for the Dallas Morning News. It all has to do with real people giving real information and that makes a real connection for the audience.

Mingle With The People

If you do not have an active social media presence then your website is just a faceless page with no personality. Before social media, there wasn’t this urgent need for websites to interact with the public because there weren’t many accessible ways for mass groups of people to post their opinions or access personal information. But social media has changed all of that and, as the digital marketing experts at suggest, having an active and sincere social media presence is essential for the success of any website.

Establish Trust With Honest Website Copy

Entrepreneur Magazine tells us that establishing trust with honest website copy is essential in creating a strong personal relationship with readers. When you publish something on your website, then do your fact checking and stand by what you publish. If you make a mistake, then own up to it and maintain that credibility with your audience. When it comes to building relationships, nothing is more important than trust.

Share Other Content

If you want to establish a strong relationship with your audience, then you must be seen as a resource for reliable information. suggests that sharing information from other websites on your social media pages, even information from your competition, can go a long way towards creating credibility with your audience. When people see you sharing information that is valuable, regardless as to where that information came from, then that can help to develop a strong bond between you and your audience.

In today’s world, building Internet traffic is all about creating relationships with each individual website visitor. While that sounds impossible and almost impractical, it is actually not that difficult when you start putting yourself in your audience’s shoes and understand exactly what they expect from your site.

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