Print Newspapers are Still the Pinnacle in Audience Engagement

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Sometimes the old habits are hardest to break. Just because the world has gone digital, doesn’t mean readers have followed the trend, or even prefer to read digital media.

New data available from a study concerning reader engagement found that print newspapers are in the lead. This means print newspapers still provide more reader engagement than TV, digital newspapers, radio, magazines and other media outlets.

What Makes Print Newspapers So Engaging?

The study found that readers see print newspapers are trustworthy, inspiring and able to hold their interest. Readers also report having a personal connection with the newspaper, and that it has their best interested in mind.

Readers believe print newspapers are ethical, better their lives, improve their interactions with others, and are a form of media they can go to when they have “me time.”

What Does This Mean for Ads?

The study also included ad engagement, and found readers believe their daily newspaper is the best source for obtaining information about store hours, current sales and special offers in their area. Readers stated they notice newspaper ads and find them useful, which makes readers more likely to purchase items they find on sale or included in a special promotion.

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This information means that readers expect to find to ads in newspaper, so they are readily accepted as part of the print media.

Whom Can Businesses Reach?

People may think that newspapers are more engaging to the older crowd – baby boomers, but that is not the case. Businesses who place ads in print newspaper can expect to reach a large demographic.

• The study did show that baby boomers, those ages 45 to 65, ranked highest in audience engagement, but ad engagement did span various age groups.

• Even young adults, those ages 18 to 34, reported higher numbers for newspaper ad engagement than any other type of media.

• Ad engagement was also high for moms ages 18 and older, influencers and people of varying income levels.

According to, newspaper ads reach a market that is ready to buy products today. Readers are looking for current sales, and most likely on items they need, like moms who want to find a good price on diapers or a sale on children’s clothing.

This study shows that print newspapers are still alive and enjoyable, so advertisers can place ads in newspaper and know they will reach a variety of readers – readers who see these ads as a natural part of print media. And, maybe even rely on those ads to make daily purchasing decisions.

Revenue development in the online era can no longer be staked solely on advertising. But a smart advertising strategy that includes print and web advertising can be effective for advertisers and can ultimately assist other revenue streams, like sponsored content, subscriptions, and custom job boards.

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