How Publishers Can Use Reddit


What is Reddit?

Reddit can be a great place for newspapers to engage a broader audience beyond the scope of their local audience. It is a community made up of thousands of tiny little communities, called subreddits. In each of these, there is potential for targeted and niche content to go viral. Here is a little video explaining Reddit in more detail.

How Publishers Can Use Reddit

The real value though comes from engaging with different subreddits. Publishers can, over time, identify different subreddits to post their local stories online. They can test out story ideas. Journalists can gather content to create new stories. But perhaps the most value is the Reddit IAmA, which stands for Ask Me Anything.

The infographic below, created by Udemy, focuses on ‘What Reddit AMAs Teach Us About Marketing’, but the content can really be read well beyond the marketing spectrum. For example, a local celebrity, whether mayor, chef, sports figure, or whomever could team up with a publisher or journalist and partake in an AMA. Anyone who has some unique insight is a good candidate.

Do It Well and Drive Traffic To Your Site

And what’s more – this content can then become content on a publisher’s site. The AMA is not only good for brand awareness of your publication, but also the ability to eventually drive traffic back to your site. This is contingent on using the content from the Reddit AMA as content on your publication’s website.


How else can publishers use reddit to promote their local content and drive traffic back to their site? Are their identifiable subreddits that are good for local media? Will subreddits replace LinkedIn groups?

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