The New York Times Launches New Recruitment Advertising Platform

The New York Times recently announced the launch of T Jobs, its new talent acquisition platform (aka job board) on ”We’re doubling down on our recruitment offerings by investing in this new white-label solution” said Andy Wright, Senior Vice President, Advertising, The New York Times referring to RealMatch’s technology platform.

Job Matching Technology

T Jobs utilizes RealMatch’s propriety job-matching technology comprised of highly accurate, artificial intelligence algorithms to save recruiters’ time by automatically grading and ranking applicants. For job seekers, the matching technology provides a superior user experience and increased engagement by delivering highly relevant jobs, which they are both interested in and qualified for.

National and Local Reach

”T Jobs is unprecedented in its ability to not only reach thousands of the most qualified candidates but also reach the highly skilled, well-informed and sophisticated readership that is available with The New York Times,” said Wright.

RealMatch CEO, Jonathan Bulkeley, described the alliance as ”confirmation that innovative technology is essential in today’s competitive online recruiting space. RealMatch’s mission is to deliver better performance across the board and we look forward to helping The New York Times grow its recruitment business locally and beyond.”

Part of a Larger Trend

The New York Times is not the only news publisher that has realized they want to win back their share of the $19 billion online recruitment advertising market by moving to RealMatch’s programmatic recruitment advertising platform. Last year BH Media migrated their Monster co-branded properties to RealMatch’s platform. Terry Baker, RealMatch’s President whose relationship with The New York Times was instrumental in establishing the new alliance, reported that over 200 Monster newspapers are now working with RealMatch.

When asked specifically about The New York Times, Mr. Baker responded, ”RealMatch is disrupting the online recruitment market by giving digital publishers the upper hand to compete with any job board, big or small. I’m thrilled to deliver our platform to The New York Times.


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