5 Digital Publishing Tips to Increase Revenue

With the digital world taking over practically everything, it’s important to keep up. Digital publishing is a large part of the magazine, newspaper, or book market. There is almost any kind of publication available in a digital format. That means that companies need to stay up to speed with the quickly advancing market by coming up with new marketing strategies to increase revenue.

Here are five digital publishing tips to increase revenue and improve return.

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1. Turn Readers to Subscribers

The number of visitors to your site and the amount of clicks each item gets says a lot about how your business is doing. While those clicks are only a measurement of the people visiting, you want to increase the number of people who continually return and stay for a significant time period. Encourage your visitors and readers to sign up for an email newsletter or offer subscriptions to loyal readers with benefits. For example, if a visitor subscribes, give them access to all material, while visitors only have limited viewing capabilities.

2. Offer Giveaways and Sweepstakes

Everyone loves getting stuff for free, and if your site has some items that could be up for grabs, the amount of people signing up will increase. An entry could be free, but if they subscribe, for example, their one entry could increase to 50 entries, and with each purchase they get even more entries. These are instant incentives to get subscribers as well as purchases of content.

3. Offer Trial Memberships

Many readers want to know they are getting a deal for their money, and a trial membership gives them an idea of what your product offers. Whether it’s a discounted trial membership or a month free, it gives readers a chance to check your publication out for a time. Requiring a credit card to sign up can keep members subscribed after the trial period.

4. Offer Digital Access to Paper Publishing

The digital world is in full force, and lots of publications are going digital. Offer your readers access to digital publishing for the things they receive in print for a one-time download fee. The ability to receive an item directly on the computer or your customer’s smartphone will increase purchases of digital content.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Viral

Digital markets are often driven by word of mouth. This means that a lot of advertising can be done via social media. Send messages to followers for discounts only receivable by shares. This will get the message out exponentially, thus directing more traffic to your product and consequently driving up subscriptions and purchases.

Digital publishing is replacing printed content. Advertising and marketing for the digital world need to be innovative and ever-changing, just like the digital markets themselves. Finding individuals with experience in marketing is important. It’s also important to find an individual who has focus on digital publishing and digital marketing.

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