Uncover What Your Job Board Could Be With RealMatch [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are all kinds of reasons why many publishers are choosing RealMatch as their recruitment advertising platform. In this infographic, we explore some of the key differences between RealMatch and some of our competitors.

Uncover What Your Job Board Could Be With RealMatch [INFOGRAPHIC]

Uncover what your job board could be with RealMatch and see what those purple guys aren’t delivering:

1 of a kind: With RealMatch, our white-label job board platform is all about you. Your Audience. Your Site. Your Brand. 100% of the time. With those purple guys, you get their branding plus your branding.

Performance You Can Bank On With Up To 4X More Ad Response: Our vast network reach & proprietary ad distribution technology work around the clock to deliver high-octane performance so your advertisers can fill their jobs fast!

Job Matching Technology: Only RealMatch offers true job matching technology that works both ways to connect employers & qualified job seekers. Those purple guys like to talk matching, but they’re still left searching in the dark.

133% Average Partner Increase in Recruitment Ad Revenue: RealMatch’s performance based upsells help drive more revenue. Our risk-free model with no license fees boosts your bottom line.

Gain a Partner, Not Another Vendor: We give you everything you need to promote your brand. Our dedicated partner success teams work day-in & day-out to help you grow your recruitment business. New partners are onboarded in 38.4 days or less!

All Together Now: Partner with RealMatch & become a member of TheJobNetwork™, the largest recruitment ad network in North America. That’s power in numbers.

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