Why you should attend Borrell’s Advantage:GeoMarketing Conference


It’s the fall and so begins the conference season. One conference not to miss is Gordon Borrell’s Advantage:GeoMarketing.

Here is why:

Borrell’s Expertise

Borrell’s insights into the multi-million dollar recruitment services market suggest that companies spent more on recruiting in 2014 than they did in 2013. Two-thirds of those companies plan to increase spending by nearly 3%. Furthermore, nearly 96 percent of local recruiting revenue went to online recruiting websites that offered the specific services that employers were looking for. (maybe include a link to our webinar)

New Tracks

One of the more interesting things in this year’s conference are the two different track options. Track 1, called ‘Beacon Super Session‘, appears to dive into and fully explain beacons. Personally, I am intrigued by Track 2, ‘Video Advertising Super Session‘. We are now full-blown in the era of video, so it should be interesting to learn the state of the current market and where it might go to. Additionally, one aspect of the session, ‘Google’s Changing Algorithms‘ has to be vital to understand for anyone taking video seriously.

The YP Transformation & Podcasting

Two other sessions look particularly intriguing too. The first, ‘The YP Transformation‘, seems like a story that will be taught in business schools for years to come. YP, for those who are unaware, used to be the yellow pages. As the internet took hold, those big old phone books were no longer the central source for looking up contact information for local businesses. Just think back ten to fifteen years – when you needed a plumber, you looked in the phone book. Now, you consult Google, Angie’s List, Handy, and who knows what else.

Another session that looks exciting is one focused on podcasting. To some extent, podcasts are already on their second life, after arriving, then seemingly dying because everyone had one. Now, in the post-Serial world, they are more popular than ever. The question is how can companies learn from successful podcasts and include those tactics in their own strategies, whether or not that strategy includes a podcast.

Borrell Conference

The conference takes place November 3-4 in San Francisco and RealMatch has an exclusive registration code, RM200, to save any of our readers $200 if they register before September 23rd. Featured speakers are leaders in the local digital space, including executives from Facebook, Nextdoor, Yext, Google, YP, SFGate.com and more. Marketing guru and best selling author, Jeffrey Hayzlett, has a powerful new message that local media needs to hear. He’ll invoke change, challenging you to not only think big, but to act even bigger.

Learn more about the conference from Gordon Borrell himself:


Planning on attending? Use our code, RM200, to save $200 off registration.

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