Yes! Print Job Ads are Still Working for The New York Times

When it comes to understanding how to combine print and digital media effectively, a lot of people are looking towards the New York Times. In 2013, media mogul Michael Bloomberg made a public attempt to buy the New York Times because he could see that it had staying power in an industry filled with change. The Times was not sold and now digital publishers around the country are trying to figure out how The New York Times still sells millions of dollars every year in employment advertising for its print editions.

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The Marriage Of The Times And RealMatch

RealMatch has a digital employment platform called T Jobs that is widely considered to be one of the best job matching services on the Internet. It is so widely regarded, that the New York Times decided to make T Jobs its platform for online recruiting content. According to, the decision to bring in T Jobs was not done at the expense of the print recruiting content. As a matter of fact, the Times indicated that T Jobs would work hand-in-hand with the print content to expand the Times’ offering.

It Is All About Sunday And Tactical Advertising

The New York Times still prints 3.6 million newspapers every Sunday and those newspapers are filled with recruiting content. Millions of people see the advertisements in the recruiting section because millions of people are using the Times’ employment listings to find their next job.

The Times says that there is actually very little overlap between the audience that reads its print employment content, and the audience that relies on the digital recruiting service to find work. When advertisers find out that they can pay one price to have their employment opportunity seen by a print audience and digital audience that are essentially separate, then they jump on that opportunity.

No Changes Coming To The Print Ads

The Times has indicated that its print employment ads reach a focused audience and the paper has no intentions on changing a thing. The ability to reach two separate audiences with the same ad is a draw that the Times intends to use for a long time to increase its revenues.

Publishers that still print employment ads will want to take a look at what the New York Times is doing to see if they can replicate it. If there is one thing the Times proves it is that there are still millions of people out there who want to open a printed newspaper and read the employment ads to find their next career move. Any publication that can develop a separate audience for its print ads and digital content can attract employers from all over the country. It is a model the New York Times has perfected, but it is something many publishers around the country are finding hard to duplicate.

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