How an Explainer Video Can Help Your Trade Association

There is always a great deal of competition when it comes to getting new members for a trade association, especially when you are focusing on gaining new members online. A good membership effort should try to set itself apart from the other associations in as many ways as possible and one effective way is through the use of explainer videos.

An explainer video is a tutorial that acts as a video pamphlet for professionals looking to join your organization. There are several ways to create an effective one, and there are a lot of good reasons why you should get cracking.

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Videos Work

According to, a video is up to 85 percent more effective in getting people to make an online buying decision. The simple fact is that video works when it comes to getting people to join your association, but it helps to understand the specifics of any multimedia content before you put one on your site.

A Video Should Convey Excitement

If you get people excited about your group and what you do, then you stand a better chance of convincing them to join. A pamphlet, even with its colorful pictures, doesn’t really convey any emotion that reaches out and grabs prospective members. According to, a video will help you to create excitement through visible emotion that simply cannot be done any other way.

You Do The Work For The Potential Member

One of the reasons that pamphlets are not as effective as videos is because potential members have to take the time to read a pamphlet and understand what your association is about. A video does all of the work for that potential member and lays out everything that is great about your organization.

KStreetCafe points out that an explainer video is an excellent chance for you to explain your association’s mission statement and values in a format that will interest people. You can use video to not only sell people on joining your organization, but you can also explain why your organization is a better fit for each potential member than any other organization out there. A good video makes a great personal sales pitch to each potential member, where a pamphlet usually looks like a generic informational piece.

If you want to grow your trade association, then including an explainer video is an essential part of your marketing process. Using multimedia content can be the same as a member of your association sitting down with every potential member and giving a detailed sales pitch. A good video can set your association apart from the rest and explain to potential members why your core values and your association’s mission statement make your group the ideal choice for membership.

By putting videos and other multimedia content on your website, you are recruiting around the world, 24-hours a day and significantly increasing your chances of meeting your membership goals each and every year.

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